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The classic trilogy

  • Breather Boss: Ironically, Spike is one of these in the remake, though the strategy remains the same. He doesn't fire as many projectiles, his attacks are much slower, and he doesn't actively search for powerups that he can use against you as opposed to the original game.
  • Complete Monster - The Sorceress. Though at first it appears that she's kidnapping baby dragons so that she can prevent her world from being destroyed, it's revealed that once she has all the baby dragons in her possession, she's going tear their wings off and make herself immortal! Unsurprisingly, Bianca decides that she's going to side with Spyro after hearing that information. And she also has a habit of transforming her own minions into monsters.
    • And the worst part? She didn't even need to kill them, like she said earlier! She just didn't want them squirming around when she tore their wings off!
  • Crack Pairing - There has been an upsurge in Ripto/Elora fanart and fanfiction.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: observe
  • Ensemble Darkhorse - The Egg Thieves in the first game. The second game had only a single thief challenge in Shady Oasis, but the third game had a bunch (usually involving supercharge ramps).
    • Ripto has his moments.
    • So does Hunter, who progressed from minor aide to partially playable after Ripto's Rage and is the only character besides Sparx to make it through from the original trilogy to the Legend series, albeit in a rather different form.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Sorceress planning to kill 300 baby dragons just so she could become immortal. And what's worse, she didn't actually need to kill them.
    • To clarify, she didn't have to kill them, "It just stops them from wriggling so much!".
  • Most Annoying Sound: "Trouble with the trolley, eh?"
    • If anything, the infamous blue thieves who steal the dragon eggs count, whose taunting sounds like a cross between "Nah nanah nah nah" and "LOLOLOLOL.
    • "Hey, I thought you were supposed to be good at this flying stuff!" Fuck you too, Hunter.
  • Narm: The faux opera voices heard during the fight with Ripto in the North American version of the game can sound either epic or pretty silly.
  • That One Boss: Ripto in Ripto's Rage isn't especially difficult, but it's considerably tougher than the game's previous bosses and much, much harder than the final boss in the first game. He has three stages and depending on your luck, each one can last quite a while.
    • Spike, the vaguely Cyberdemon-looking second boss of the third game. Much, much harder than the boss before him, and quite a bit harder than the boss after him. Unless you're constantly running, there's no way you'll be able to avoid his laser projectiles. And he can use the powerups provided by the sergeant against you.
  • That One Level: In Spyro the Dragon, Tree Tops. Oh God Tree Tops. The level appears simple enough, but in order to get to one dragon and a clutch of gems, the player must take a completely unintuitive (and difficult to pull off) route via the supercharge ramps.
    • Spyro himself lampshades how hard it is when you rescue the dragon trapped at the one of the thief's house.

 "Yea, Well you could've found a easier place to get stuck!"

    • Haunted Towers from the same game has a whole area which is entirely hidden from the rest of the level - and again, only a difficult and not-hinted-at supercharge will lead you thee.
    • Spyro 2 has Fracture Hills, a level that contains a notably frustrating Escort Mission. Annoyingly, if you beat it at the first opportunity, you won't be able to complete the subsequent mission until you've unlocked the Headbash - forcing you to come back to the level and replay the Escort Mission at a later date.
      • Worse if you kill them with superflame before doing anything else. Turns out the guy you had to escort was supposed to take a route that included every Earthshaper in that area anyway, despite Hunter being next door. However, you get a Crowning Moment of Funny by doing so in that Hunter, not noticing there are no Earthshapers outside the door anymore, makes the Orb challenge end as soon as he exit said door.
    • The flight levels/speedways can also be frustrating until you are familiar with their layout - the flight levels in the first game are particularly difficult, but they got easier in Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon (where there is a clear optimal route for taking out obstacles, and in YOTD, Sparx outright tells you the order to tackle them.
  • That One Puzzle: The seed-planting challenges in Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon require quite a bit more strategic thinking than usual. The one in YOTD is particularly troublesome, because even when you know what to do, it requires some very difficult jumps.
  • That One Sidequest: The yeti boxing match in YOTD. Hoo boy.

The games release between the classic and The Legend of Spyro trilogies of:

  • That One Level - The second Hunter level in A Hero's Tail. WHY WOULD YOU PUT TEMPLE OF DOOM OBSTACLES WHERE SPYRO CAN'T GLIDE PAST THEM?!?
  • Unfortunate Implications: Moneybags being changed from British to vaguely middle eastern.

The Legend of Spyro Trilogy


  • Broken Base: Sierra fans versus Insomniac fans; so bad that it would lead anyone who didn't understand the fans to believe everyone was either a LoS-tard or a "Classics"-tard.
    • Skylanders' Spyro has broken it again. Some say it completely ruined Spyro because they don't like Spyro's design while others say they like the look of the game itself and Spyro's look isn't that bad.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: The biggest of the offenders being Ripto, Red, and Malefor (and possibly Dark Cynder if you want to count her in). So bad with some fans that it's lead to a lot of artwork flooding Deviant ART galleries and some pretty odd Fan Fiction.
    • And in Malefor's case, it's gone out to being as bad as to make him be not evil at all, but merely under the influence of some other monster and that he crushed the eggs to save them. Tell me that isn't a severe case of this trope...
  • Fan Dumb: See Broken Base for a major example. Literally, it's hard to determine if the Smash fans and Sonic fans are worse than Spyro's Fan Dumb.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • WE'RE TOO LATE!!!
    • The sorceress is fat...
  • That One Boss - Dear lord, Dawn of the Dragon's Elite Enemies. At least they're optional.
    • Red the Dragon in A Hero's Tail.
    • Both battles with Captain Skabb in The Eternal Night.
    • The extremely infamous Arborick from The Eternal Night.
    • Pretty much every single boss in The Eternal Night was one of these.
  • Replacement Scrappy - for quite a few people, the new cast of The Legend of Spyro compared to the cast in the original series, especially Cynder.
    • For some, Ripto in the older series replacing Gnasty Gnorc as the main Spyro villain.
  • Ridiculously-Human Robots - Robot farmers and businessrobots in Avalar, to name an example
  • Ron the Death Eater - Both Cynder and Ember have gotten this treatment by the fandom. A bit more common with Ember, as her one sided crush on Spyro is often used to make her a Clingy Jealous Girl trying to break Spyro and Cynder up or kill Cynder and have Spyro to herself.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness - Bentley the Yeti in Year of the Dragon is especially guilty of this.
    • And Volteer in The Legend of Spyro Series.
      • "No more Thesaurus for You!"


  1. A horrible sidequest in the 2nd game in which you must collect 50 gears on a trolley. Sounds easy, right? It's not. The camera is rigged and the jumping is counter-intuitive. Hitting the signs is the worst part, though. Have fun!
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