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The classic trilogy

  • Fridge Brilliance: the Bad Export for You entry on the main page forgot a delicious detail - namely, the fact the music playing in the European version of Lost Fleet is the same heard in Super Bonus Round. If you consider the skateboarding and the submarine minigames, you might say that the aforementioned Super Bonus Round is basically Lost Fleet turned Up to Eleven, and as such the musical choice for Lost Fleet makes perfect sense, much more than the Sheila's Alp music with the only addition of accordions.
    • The below Fridge Logic with Breezebuilders versus Land Blubbers. They're at war. You're fighting from both PO Vs, on both sides, to achieve your goals in each home world.
  • Ripto's name comes from Spyro's name written in katakana, as seen on the Japanese cover art (スパイロ).
  • Fridge Logic: So, in Ripto's Rage/Gateway To Glimmer, you end up in a place called Breezy Harbour where you help the nice bird men defend their realm against attacking... bloblike things. They're very grateful. A few levels later, however, you end up in a place named Zephyr... who's people were earlier the ones attacking Breeze Harbour, and now you're killing the allies of Breeze Harbour... Am I the only one who found this annoying?
    • Ripto's Rage seemed to be fond of this - the later Robotica Farms/Metropolis levels feature the same concept, with the farm animals of Robotica Farms vs. the robot inhabitants of Metropolis.
      • These seem to be some sort of peace-keeping process, as you help the natural inhabitants to protect their lands from the intruders.
        • Fridge Brilliance: The dragons likely are allies of both of them and thus when one invades the other, they side against the hostile party. This actually exists in Real Life and isn't that far fetched an idea.
    • Also, in Frozen Altars, right at the beginning of the level, a fairy grants you the power to breathe ice. It's pretty good, you can freeze enemies and all, but why when you attempt to breathe on those fortified, metallic amphorae (the ones that can only be broken by charging) they glow red just like in all the other levels where you breathe fire on them?
    • During one of the early tutorials in Year of the Dragon, Hunter refuses to head down a hole because he hears running water, and explains that he hates to get wet (a quirk he calls "a cat thing"). However in Aquaria Towers in Ripto's Rage, and even within YOTD itself, Hunter shows up in underwater areas, and doesn't seem bothered.
      • Possibly because (in YOTD at least) he was in a wet suit and his problem was "I don't like to get my fur wet, it's a cat thing."

The Legend of Spyro Trilogy

  • Fridge Brilliance: Why does Malefor not care about his own fate? At first it seems that he just doesn't care but then he yells that he's 'eternal' during the final battle. Seems he thinks of himself as immortal. Now, if he was, or at least believed he was, he'd have survived the end of the world and lived into the new one. Malefor is a power mad Complete Monster with awesome destructive power, not to mention a Chessmaster. Put all that together and it doesn't seem to be a stretch that it was all an Evil Plan to survive the end and be around when the world was recreated, allowing him to do whatever he wanted to (given it's Malefor, that would cress into Fridge Horror).
    • Malefor tried to wipe out all the Dragon eggs from the Year Of The Dragon to prevent Spyro's birth. It's revealed later in the game he stole Cynder's egg to turn into a monster to free hime, part of his plan from the start. In the third game, it's revealed it was actually Spyro who he needed to free him, not Cynder. This makes complete sense when one takes into account that it was part of his plan to kidnap a dragon to begin with. It's completely possible he intended to take the Purple Dragon from the get go, but modified his plan when it was discovered the Purple Dragon's egg wasn't at the temple.
    • Why did Malefor need the Destroyer to destroy the world when Spyro did the exact opposite on his own? Malefor guided the fate of his era, which ended. Spyro guides the new era. So Malefor needed an outside force in order to carry out his plan because fate laid in Spyro's hands now. Thus his efforts to convince Spyro his destiny was what Malefor wanted, Spyro guided the fate of the era and if he was convinced it would happen it would.
    • It seems strange that Malefor would lose it over Cynder breaking free of his control thanks to The Power of Love, but think about it. Malefor is obcessed with power and has an never ending hunger for it. Thus why he enjoys being a perfect Chessmaster and manipulating everyone to do his bidding, it gives him power over it. In this one instance, for the first and only time in the series, something happened he had no control over. Thus why such a minor thing caused him to have a short Villainous Breakdown.
  • Fridge Horror: The real Cynder is pretty kind hearted while Dark Cynder is an Axe Crazy monster that has no qualms about murdering someone and the Guardians imply they were tortured while she held them captive. It's quite frightening to imagine just what Malefor's forces did to her to make her turn into that...
    • Also, she's the only dragon with real metal blades while others have bone weapons. While it might be a natural trait of her type of dragon, it's also just as possible, and more likely, the Apes did it to her. And she had them before being corrupted, when she was probably very young. Think about that...
    • Ignitus is killed by the fire left behind by the destroyer. At first, it doesn't seem that bad...until you realize he burned to death, what a horrible way to die!
  • Yeah...That swamp that surrounds the temple from A New Beginning? And how near it (if not in it) Sparx and Spyro's parents live? Take a look at what area is transformed into the Burned Lands in Dawn of the Dragon. Let that one sink in a bit. Tear jerking shall commence.
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