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"Those guys always get all the attention!"
Simba after hearing Timon and Pumbaa are tonight's featured performers at the House of Mouse
Keiki is the main character of this series(although that's debatable).
—Official Keiki character bios
"Russell Hantz, Boston Rob, and Rachel Reily aren't as bad...the main reason I call them the 'Uholy Trinity' is because they take up 80% of the screentime whenever they're on. And the more they're shown off by the editors, the more their eccentricities become less 'entertaining' and more 'downright obnoxious.'"
—A post on "Survivor Sucks".
"And that's pretty much it for the robots who, once again, only appear in about one fourth of their own movie, and even then usually as background noise to endless processions of military hardware on hand so Michael Bay can jack of his fetish for all things 'army'"
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