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Current Players

Grae (played by LordKat)

A Human Ranger who has some... issues with Elves.

  • Anti-Hero: Would be the Token Evil Teammate, except Spoony said he wouldn't approve of an evil protagonist in this game.
  • The Archer: Subverted. Grae uses a bow, but is far from the stereotype.
  • Genius Ditz: Grae has moments of great brillance usually followed by saying something unbelievably stupid.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Flaming bedrolls.
  • In the Hood
  • Karma Houdini: Yet to suffer any repercussions for starting racial riots in Sarmanath.
  • Kill Steal
  • The Lancer
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Grae believes this should be the first approach to every person they meet.
  • My Parents Are Dead: The reason Grae hates High Elves so much. When he fired off some snark at Lilea during her introduction, Nik responded by quoting this trope.
  • Only One Name
  • Weirdness Coupon: Grae was allowed to light his bedroll on fire and toss it at the enemies because Spoony justified that Grae was the kind of guy who would have his bedroll soaked in oil for just such an occasion.

Lord Vane II (played by Angry Joe)

A Tiefling Swordmage and son of his first character of the same name. Where his father could be very brash and kill-happy, the younger Vane is more subdued, though he still gets mad whenever somebody insults his father.

Viktor (played by Y Ruler of Time)

A Fighter who speaks with a Russian accent. Half of the things he does throughout the campaign are freakin' badass. Up until the introduction of Lilea and Bayban, he was the only character not to have anything insanely bad happen to them. In late 2010/early 2011, Nik decided to re-spec Viktor as a Barbarian, since at the moment the party has two Defenders already (Vane II and Bayban).

Garret Keldia (played by Skitch)

A Half-Elf Bard, and the most eloquent of the group and effectively its leader. An encounter with the Scorpion Queen has left him as a potential vessel of darkness.

Juliet Tunde (played by Rollo T)

A Druid multiclassed into Shaman with a penchant for coming up with odd shouts for attacks. Has the ability to summon a spirit bird which she has named Pidgeotto. In late 2010/early 2011, RolloT decided to re-spec Juliet as the Essentials version of the Druid, with a bear animal companion; R.I.P., Pidgeotto.

Lilia (played by Iron Liz)

The new elven cleric of the party, much to Grae and Vane's consternation. A good Elf who still believes in the old god Corellan, she's something of an oddity in this setting. Has a penchant for puns and snarking.

Bayban (played by Linkara)

A human Paladin. Has a reputation as a great hero and a great destroyer, although it is unclear how much is truth and how much is rumor.

The DM (The Spoony One)

The Dungeon Master. Of course.

Former Players

Darstine (played by Sean Fausz)

A Dragonborn Rogue who often forgets to do "the one thing she does well", which is sneak attacking enemies because she's flanking them. It Got Worse when an encounter with an evil spellbook turned her into a vessel for the soul of Morgana, the Lich Queen. And then got even worse when Morgana took complete control; what this means for Sean remains to be seen.

Andraste (played by Paw Dugan)

An Eladrin Cleric who unfortunately left the game shortly after it started being recorded. (Paw left because he needed the time to work on his videos, but he was having fun with the game.)

  • Combat Medic
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Her most commonly used attack power, Lance of Faith.
  • Put on a Bus: The official explanation Spoony gave was that Andraste returned to the Feywild to share the information the group received from the Wheelman.
  • Teleport Spam: None of the sessions with Paw were recorded, but the way the others talk about Andraste, this seems to be one of his things ("If Paw were here, he'd be like 'I don't have any good powers...Teleport, Lance of Faith.'")

Lord Vane I (played by Angry Joe)

The original Vane, a Tiefling Sorcerer who tended to be somewhat brash, arrogant, and not too keen on listening to advice. He was killed by the Royal Guard of Sarmanath after he refused to surrender.

Jonn (played by LordKaT)

LordKaT's original character, a Human Barbarian. He chose to leap into a mysterious portal and was overwhelmed and killed by demons.

Sayid (played by Rollo T)

Rollo T's original character, a Tiefling Warlock. He followed Jonn into the portal in an attempt to save his friend, but was likewise killed.


King Donovan

The King of Sarmanath, and for the most part the group's primary employer.

Princess Elena

King Donovan's young daughter, who has a major crush on Garret.

The Witch Queen

The main antagonist of the campaign, a High Elf magic-user whose main goal is ascendancy to godhood. She has yet to make an actual appearance, her servant Lord Esgalion's words implying that she's very secretive and private.

Morganna the Lich-Queen

An ancient and powerful sorceress and necromancer, Morgana's actions in the past parallel the Witch Queen's in the present, but eventually she was defeated. She compiled several grimores of powerful magic, one of them (The Word of Morgana) being a central element of the campaign

  • A God Am I
  • Curse: Curses and similar spells were her forte.
  • Evil Versus Evil: After taking full control of Darstine, her first action is to go after the Witch Queen.
  • Grand Theft Me: Poor, poor Darstine...
  • Killed Off for Real: Vane II smashing her phylactery destroyed her physical body. Too bad the Word was ALSO a phylactery...
  • Lawful Evil
  • Necromancer
  • Our Liches Are Different: Well, not really, but hey.
  • Soul Jar: The amulet. And the Word, as the group discovers to their horror.
  • Witch Hunt: After gaining power, she attempted to secure it by destroying sources of magic other than herself, burning countless magical tomes and sacking churches and temples to the gods.

Bob the Minion

An Elven minion the group battled during the race for the Word of Morgana. Thanks to magical buffs, he managed to survive an attack[1], which lead to the players and chat turning him into a Memetic Badass.


  1. Minions normally have 1 Hit Point, meaning they die in a single hit
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