There's a character that deconstructs a specific trope, character archetype, ideology or Aesop.

And then there's another character that is a reconstruction of that same trope, archetype or ideology.

The thing is...they aren't from the same company or the same creator. If they are from the same company, they are not from the same creator, and if they are from the same creator, they are not from the same company.

This can be deliberate (as a Take That to the other character), or it can be an accident. Most of the times, it's an accident, with the creators only vaguely aware (or not at all) of the respective counterparts.
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Essentially, The Reconstruction meets Spiritual Antithesis.

Examples of Spiritually Reconstructed Character include:

Animated Film

  • Rapunzel is a reconstruction of Fiona. Rapunzel has all the Badass Princess qualities of Fiona, but is also The High Princess and an All-Loving Heroine, refuting Fiona's point that one cannot go with the other.
  • Sunset Shimmer from the Equestria Girls movies is a reconstruction of Elsa. Sunset's desire to be left alone is portrayed as a healthy thing, since it shows that most of the time she really needs her space. Her needing to keep her emotions in check is a necessity due to her Hair-Trigger Temper, and her powers make her a Hope Bringer.


  • Lind is a reconstruction of Castiel. Lind is the same kind of "warrior angel" as Castiel, but Lind is closer to what angels are supposed to be, and she works for a benevolent and kind God.
  • Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 is a reconstruction of Rusty Venture. Hiro is a child prodigy that grew up in a scientific enviroment and had his family history marked by tragedy, but still managed to become the kind of Science Hero that Rusty failed to become..

Comic Books

  • Invincible is a reconstruction of Kick-Ass. Invincible is just as young and just as naive about superhero work, but he manages to succeed despite those setbacks.
  • Guy Gardner, especially in recent years, has become a reconstruction of Lobo. Guy has Lobo's macho attitude and tendency towards violence, but he's a lot more reasonable and is portrayed as being able to respect women despite his Chivalrous Pervert  tendencies. From the same company, but not from the same creator.

Live-Action Film

  • From the same creator, but not for the same company, Ellen Ripley is a reconstruction of Sarah Connor. Ripley is another Action Survivor who used to be meek and laidback and became focused and determined, but this time it's portrayed as a positive thing and as the crux of Ripley's Character Development.
  • Ares in Wonder Woman is a reconstruction of Ondine. Much like in Ondine, Wonder Woman seems like it's gonna go for a Doing in the Wizard twist when Ares isn't real and World War I has realistic, non-supernatural explanations...only to reveal that everything Diana believed was true, Ares is very real, and the supernatural reason behind WW1 that Diana firmly believed in turned out to be correct.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Fluttershy is a reconstruction of Elmyra. Fluttershy has the same motherly nature and unconditional love of animals, but goes at great lengths to ensure animals aren't harmed by her efforts, she lives in a wide open space that allows animals to roam free, and her kindness extends to most living beings.
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