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 Korey: Saw VI.

Cyrus: Some ol' bullshit. G'night, everybody!

All: G'night!

[Ending sequence]

    • Don't worry, it's a fake-out.
  • The review of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 especially when Korey explains why he thinks the movie is "Better Than Sex". It has Cyrus and Leon in the background humming The Battle Hymn Of The Republic dressed as Hogwarts students. But, the real kicker is when Co-Host 3000 rises from below in the background dressed as Darth Vader and humming the Imperial March.
  • Korey, Professor Jeff and Jason started a Loading Bar playthrough of Skyrim, in which they decide to make their character a Khajiit and name him "Garfieldius", cue to cat jokes and Jeff and Jason trying to convince Korey to kill everything in sight.
  • Remember Me: Leon's applause during the clip of the "Disney Dad" standing up for himself.
  • Leon's fart noises in the review of Over Her Dead Body.
  • Carlyle's review of Bratz, especially Korey and Leon's reaction to him casually bringing up Jon Voight.
  • LEOG, Volume 1, Issue 18, where most of the first hour is spent trying to recap Batman R.I.P., and how they completely lose it at any possible moment, but especially when they bring up "Weapons Grade Crystal Meth".
  • Professor Jeff and Jason Murphy Batman: Arkham City playthrough: "Batman bitches!"
  • The ending for the audio review of Inception, when it devolves into the crew calling Leon out thinking the soundtrack was too loud.

  Cyrus : That soundtrack better get off my lawn!

  • The video review for Halloween, full stop.
  • The audio review for Did You Hear About The Morgans. The tangents they go off on about the Andy Griffith Show and Hugh Grant having conniptions are hilarious.
  • The Disaster Movie review, which begins with Korey trying to commit suicide because the movie was so bad. It's also notable as the first time the lowest rating possible, a "Fuck You", is put in place.
  • The Edge of Darkness review, particularly when they mock Ray Winston's ability in the movie to sneak up on people even though he's grossly overweight and should make a lot of noise moving around.
  • The Bangkok Dangerous review where most of Korey and Cohost's time is spent mocking Nicholas Cage's awful narration and absurd looking hair piece.
  • The Lakeview Terrace review where Korey notes that the white man and black girl couple isn't quite as much a stigma as the black man and white girl couple, culminating in him suggesting the same concept except with Sam Jackson and a white woman being menaced by an angry Queen Latifah.
  • All of the Twilight film reviews. Each one is priceless in its own way.
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