• In a flashback, it's revealed that Kingpin erased any sort of connections to his old life- even his own father, who it's heavily implied that he had his goons kill. Granted, Wilson's old man was a bit of an ass, but the fact at how callously Kingpin had him offed was a showcase of just how ruthless he was.
  • Venom's whole introduction was terrifying. Nightmarish appearence aside, you can just see how much the symbiote's warped Eddie Brock's mind. Before, he was a pathetic cheapskate of a reporter who was angry about being fired. Now that Brock knows Spidey inside out thanks to his new friend, he can strike at him in ways no other villain we've seen so far can.
  • Due to the series's being cancelled, the ultimate fate of Mary Jane- being trapped in perpetual limbo for all of eternity. Yikes.
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