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Fridge Brilliance

  • Spider-Man was active for a while before his mutation disease became apparent in Season 2. Seems to come out of nowhere. However, in "Night of the Lizard," Spidey activated the Neogenic Recombinator to restore the Lizard to human form. Spidey was in close proximity at the time and is cleared reacting to the energy burst.
  • In "The Wedding," Scorpion seems all-too eager to do Smythe's bidding - even referring to him as "Mr. Smythe." This despite being his captive in "Partners." Is it just because Smythe fixed his malfunctioning suit? Remember what Scorpy said in "Partners," however: "Smythe knows how to change me back."

Fridge Horror

  • In Spider-Man The Animated Series, Spider-Man meets and becomes friends with a young girl who is his "biggest fan". Naturally they end up on an adventure, and at the end of the story arc she asks to see his real face; Parker relents and reveals his identity to the girl, who promises to keep it a secret for the rest of her life. A few minutes later, we see Peter leaving the Make a Wish Foundation for Terminally Ill children. The connection is made more explicit in the original comic the episode was based on.
    • Sounds more like Fridge Sadness.
  • Spider-Carnage - It's not just an insane Peter Parker, it's Peter from the Clone Saga, after Aunt May's death & The Reveal that Been Reily is the real Spider-Man has put him in a Heroic Blue Screen of Death. Really puts into perspective how much Mary Jane being there helped Peter. Now remember One More Day.
  • Quite the subtle one in the Seven Spidermans arc: one of the Spidermans wears Doctor Octopus' tentacles, which he says he took as a souvenir after a fight with Doc Ock. Remember that those tentacles were actually fused to Doc's spine. Imagine what that Spiderman must have done to get them.
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