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  • May meeting Aunt May via time-travel.
  • Ending the Family Feud between the Parkers and Osborns not with fists, but with words, convincing childhood friend Normie Osborn that they don't have to be enemies.
  • Peter's meeting Normie for the first time after his Heel Face Turn. There's a brief, tense stare-down... then they embrace.
    • For extra warmth, Normie was in the hospital checking up on MJ, who he tried to kill not too long ago.
  • May convincing her old kidnapper turned caretaker that she's going to be okay now.
  • Pretty much all of the issue where Peter (and May) agree to help Electro reunite with his daughter.
  • Normie and Brenda's wedding.
  • The end of the "Season of the Serpent" arc. Mayday gets beaten again and again by an Implacable Man godlike creature, thrown into an Alternate Universe where she has to fight an Evil Peter Parker, AND rejected by the guy she's been doing the Will They or Won't They? dance with. What does she do? Refuses to wangst, fights a God nearly to the death (providing a much need distraction for the other heroes, whose respect she finally gains) and rushes off to the hospital to check on her mother and unborn baby brother. Only to find her father sobbing in the waiting room. Just when you think the worst has happened, it turns out to be tears of joy... after a long, painful pregnancy Mary Jane has finally given birth to a healthy baby boy, Benjamin Parker.
  • Every hero in the 'verse deciding to help May when her baby brother's doctor is kidnapped.
  • May can't figure out who her Spirit Advisor is -- but Peter knows.
    • " Aunt May, is it really you?"
  • Darkdevil gets two in the latest issues of Spectacular, one for each Spider-Girl. One, admitting to May he looks up to her and two, trying to convince April she has a family now.
  • In issue #81, a reformed Electro goes to the Avengers in the hopes of contacting Spider-Man for help. After getting the message, Peter suits up and heads to the mansion. As he hobbles along, each of the younger heroes lavish praise and awe upon him. May consequently sees her dad in a new light. It's nice to see Spidey Vindicated by History.
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