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  • Near the end of the first season, and Lawrence encounter a pack of wild wolves led by a wolf god like Holo. However in the second series Holo finds out her homeland was destroyed and hysterical thinking she is the last of her kind. Why does no one bother to remember the wolf god they met before?
    • Her family/tribe and home are probably destroyed she's "all alone" for good. There may be other gods, but she doesn't care about them. And Lawrence won't be around very long by her standards, plus they're not sure about their feelings for each other anyway.
    • Essentially, how would you feel if you came back from a long vacation and was told that all your family and friends died while you were away?
  • How did we all come to decide that Horo should be naked in most fan art of her? She's only like that in one episode. It's not like it's much more than other anime characters do.
  • In episode 10 when Lawrence is running around trying to find a merchant who would lend him money, all of them turn him down(many of them in horrifically insulting ways). It is only later that he has it spelled out for him that it is only because Holo is tagging along with him that he kept getting rejected. Could someone please explain to me how having a woman waiting outside for you is some sort of unforgivable offense?
    • Holo is at the time dressed in fashionable city clothing, giving an impression of an unmarried young woman with flighty attitude. Every fellow merchant assumes that Lawrence wasted his money trying to impress a girl in some macho display, and is still making a fool of himself for her sake. Also, Deliberate Values Dissonance: taking a woman to business negotiations shows unprofessional attitude in the pseudo-Medieval culture of the story.
      • Just thought I'd add that the books make it much more clear how ridiculous it is for a traveling merchant to have a companion. It just doesn't happen. So seeing Holo inspires a lot of suspicion in people.
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