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Blood and Sand

  • Episode 3 "Legends": Spartacus taunts Gnaeus until he angrily charges. Spartacus sidesteps and Gnaeus runs head-first into a post and knocks himself out.
  • Episode 4 "The Thing in the Pit": Spartacus starts talking to Varro and his hallucination of Sura at the same time, making the conversation very confusing for Varro.
  • Episode 6 "Delicate Things": Spartacus visualizing his escape from the Ludus, tearing through guards with so much ease it's hilarious.
    • "That's your 'plan'?"
  • Episode 8 "Mark of the Brotherhood": When the new recruits are ordered to undress, everyone's reaction to Segovax amounts to, "Holy shit, that guy's dick is huge."

Gods of the Arena


  • Episode 7 "Sacramentum": Ashur's failure at intimidation:

 Ashur: I would advise caution. These men are the hands of Praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Gannicus: And what are you? His cock or his ass?

  • Episode 8 "Balance": Mira walking in on Agron and Nasir trying to have sex while on guard duty.
  • Episode 9 "Monsters": Oenemaus knocks Agron to the ground. Nasir laughs at him.
  • Episode 10 "Wrath of the Gods": Glaber getting the mercenaries to turn on Ashur by simply offering more money. Ashur pretty much goes, "Son of a-"
    • When the Romans try to interrogate one of the captured Germans, the man yells insults in German like, "Suck my dick!"
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