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Blood and Sand

  • Episode 5 "Shadow Games": Spartacus slaying Theokoles and becoming The Bringer of Rain.
    • Before that, Theokoles pretending to die to lure Spartacus and Crixus into a false sense of security.

 Theokoles: Capua, shall I begin!?

  • Episode 7 "Great and Unfortunate Things": Spartacus chokeslamming Gnaeus off the cliff to his death after Gnaeus mocks Pietros' suicide.
  • Episode 9 "Whore": Ilithyia killing Licinia by grabbing her by the throat and bashing her head against the floor nine times, which reduces it to pulp. "Stop laughing!"
  • Episode 10 "Party Favors": Spartacus and Varro are fighting opponents while chained together and have flawless teamwork. Their final foe is a warrior covered from the neck down with heavy armor, so they wrap their chain around his neck and pull until he's decapitated.
  • Episode 11 "Old Wounds": When Spartacus recovers from his fever and remembers who he really is. "Yes, Dominus. I am myself again."
    • Batiatus' ingenious scheme to trick everyone into believing Solonius murdered Titus Calvinius, getting Solonius arrested and sentenced to death.
    • Titus Calvinius Playing Possum and biting a chuck out of Aulus' neck when he approaches. As well as him being Defiant to the End against Batiatus.

 Calvinius: You are beneath me, and you always will be, in this life or the next!

    • Crixus returning to the arena and defeating Pericles by stomping his head to pulp.
  • Episode 12 "Revelations": Solonius putting up one heck of a fight against Spartacus despite his old age. Right before he dies, he bursts into laughter.
    • Spartacus defeating Glaber's guards while armed with a wooden sword.
  • Episode 13 "Kill Them All": The entire Season 1 finale easily qualifies.
    • Mira killing a guard with a pot shard.
    • Crixus launching Spartacus into the balcony, kick-starting the Gladiator Revolt.
    • Crixus: "Kill them! KILL THEM ALL!!!"
    • Ilithyia leaving Lucretia and the others behind and locking the front door, preventing them from escaping the gladiators, as revenge for all the crap she's been put through.
    • Aurelia getting revenge for her husband Varro's murder.

 Aurelia: Was it yours? The small little voice? Did it form the words that robbed Varro of life?

Numerius: Varro?!? He deserved to die. He was nothing...

Aurelia: What did you know of the man? That he would sing to his child, sleeping in his arms? Or kiss the tear from my cheek, when I was of a mood? Did you know the father? The husband? (she caresses Numerius's face) He was not a perfect man. But he was mine. He was MINE!!!! (she stabs him repeatedly with a knife) HE WAS MINE!!! HE WAS MINE!!! HE WAS MINE!!! MINE!!! MINE!!!!

    • Batiatus killing a few of the gladiators.
    • Spartacus killing Batiatus and Crixus nearly killing Lucretia.
    • Spartacus' final speech to the newly freed gladiators and slaves.

 Spartacus: I have done this thing because it is just. Blood demands blood. We have lived and lost at the whims of our masters for too long. I would not have it so. I would not see the passing of a brother, for the purpose of sport. I would not see another heart ripped from chest, or breath forfeit for no cause. I know not all of you wish this, yet it is done. It is done. Your lives are your own. Forge your own path, or join with us, and together we shall see Rome tremble!

Gods of the Arena

  • Episode 1 "Past Transgressions": Gannicus shrugs off getting stabbed in the chest with a huge nail and defeats an opponent while blindfolded.
  • Episode 2 "Missio": Crixus facing Gannicus evenly despite being a rookie at this point.
  • Episode 3 "Paterfamilias": Crixus defeating Auctus and finally gaining respect in the House of Batiatus, becoming the Badass we know and love.
  • Episode 6 "The Bitter End": The ploy to capture Tullius, ending with Batiatus burying him alive.
    • Gnaeus setting his net on fire and throwing it on an enemy.
    • Gannicus slaying Caburus. Caburus has been No Selling every attack used on him, so Gannicus puts a spear through his mouth and pulls until his lower jaw comes off.


  • Episode 3 "The Greater Good": Spartacus punching Agron and calling him out on lying about Naevia.
    • Ashur easily killing two of the rebels.
  • Episode 4 "Empty Hands": The captured Gaul scaring the crap out of Seppia with a Death Glare. Ilithyia gets annoyed at her and strikes him down without hesitation. Later, Ilithyia punches Lucretia down, grabs her by the throat, and threatens to kill her the same way she killed Licinia.
    • Nasir charging into battle despite not being a trained warrior and actually doing damage.
    • Spartacus and Mira cementing their Battle Couple status.
  • Episode 5 "Libertus": Long story short, Gannicus returns and Spartacus, Mira, and friends destroy the arena itself, leaving Capua in chaos.
    • Spartacus hurls a spear at Glaber in a moment reminiscent of 300. Glader dodges it, but the spear cuts his cheek and kills Cossutius.
    • Glaber killing Albinius.

 Glaber: (pulls a wooden beam off Albinius) I'm not the fool you and your daughter think me. (squashes his head with the beam)

    • The moment before the prisoners are sent into the arena:

 Rhaskos: They give us swords absent fucking edge.

Oenomaus: Absent hope of victory.

Crixus: Let us prove them fools for giving us swords at all!

  • Episode 6 "Chosen Path": The episode is one huge one for Ashur. He finally gets Glaber and his men to listen to his warnings not to underestimate the rebels by slaughtering Glaber's soldiers until they're too scared to approach him, then pointing out he was the weakest of the gladiators. He calls Lucretia out on her bullshit and rapes her, then travels and collects savage mercenaries to assemble.
    • Glaber rightfully calling Varinius a Dirty Coward as he fled after the arena collapsed without helping them at all.
    • Naevia ordering Crixus to teach her how to fight so she will never be raped again.
    • Spartacus vs Gannicus.
    • Mira shooting the traitorous Chadara with an arrow.
    • Glaber killing Seppius.
  • Episode 7 "Sacramentum": After liberating a new batch of slaves to recruit, one particularly huge German named Sedullus caused a few problems for the gang. Nothing major at first, he potentially revealed their position on a raid, went hunting without Spartacus' permission. All problems that can be fixed with a little discipline. Then he tries to rape Naevia, starts a riot, and attempts to kill Agron, probably the only guy defending him. What does Spartacus do? Slice his face clean off. He then tells the Germans to join him, leave, or die. They join him, and every rebel pounds their chests in unison.
    • Ashur makes Lucretia call him "Dominus".
    • Gannicus choosing his side, most likely out of revenge for Glaber crucifying that prostitute he was fond of, by slaughtering Ilithyia's escort and kidnapping her. He punctuates this by leaving his rudis lodged in the throat of the mook who was tailing him. The message is clear: he is a rebel.
  • Episode 8 "Balance": Lucius marching into Glaber's base to deliver Spartacus' terms and calling him a cunt. That took some serious balls.
  • Episode 9 "Monsters": After several episodes of being the last surviving man to give Glaber shit, a catapult round melts Varinius's smug face away. Sure they were aiming at the temple Spartacus and co. were hiding in, but Glaber had to have had a little victorious laugh when he saw the charred remains.
    • And then there's Ilithyia killing Seppia to save Glaber's life -- cutting her throat so the blood sprays across her naked husband, in a complete reversal of the traditional damsel in distress scenario.
  • Episode 10 "Wrath of the Gods": Naevia gelding and then decapitating Ashur. So many people had reason to want that guy dead, so it's nice that they managed to work out who should have priority.
    • Spartacus, Crixus, Gannicus, and Agron climbing down the mountain on vines and taking the Roman guards by surprise. They then steal the catapults and launch fireballs at the Roman camp.
    • Gannicus caving The Egyptian's skull in.
    • On the verge of death, Glaber boasts that Rome will send legions in his wake. Spartacus says they'll just kill them too and rams his sword down Glaber's throat.
    • Ilithyia crawling after Lucretia when Lucretia stole her newborn baby. Keep in mind that Ilithyia has just given birth.
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