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Yuuki is a magical fan. Thanks to Hermod's magic, Yuuki now transforms into a magical girl. Yuuki is the new valkyrie and is charged with protecting Midgard and Asgard from the forces of the fire giant Surt.


The Goddess of War and Beauty, and leader of all Valkyries and is the first and most powerful of The Valkyries. She has conflicting feelings towards Yuuki, wanting to kill Yuuki for being a weak Valkyrie, yet desiring to engage in a physical relationship with her. Although Loki thwarted her initial attempts to the former, Freya has since resurrected two Valkyries from ancient times to find Yuuki

Former Valkyries


Hilda was the valkyrie before Yuuki. She quit to marry her fiance, but probably just used marriage as an excuse. even though she's no longer a valkyrie, she still wants to keep in touch with the Aesir.



Norse Gods


Hermod is the god of messengers in the Norse pantheon. He sides with the Aesir, which is lead by Odin. Hermod was sent to Midgard (the mortal realm) to find the new valkyrie. He decided that disguising himself as a magical girl DVD was the best way to find one.


Loki was a giant who was found by Odin and his brothers. Despite their hatred of giants, they thought he was awesome, so Odin made Loki a blood brother, thus making him one of the Aesir.currently Loki is chained under the earth with a snake dripping poison into his eyes because of the whole Balder incident. Loki's whole take on the incident was the that "the little snot had it coming to him." This defense didn't help him.Loki is able to project himself into the body of a stuffed white cat, so he is able once again wander Midgard. The knife he carries is for "little children and dogs that have the stones to pick [him] up."

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: He does this once- "Excuse me, but for the sake of the viewers, can we make this battle not last 50 billion pages like the wolves battle?"
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: he may looks like a mere pervert stuffed animal who acts goofy all the time, but he is able to match Freya in a fight.
  • Dirty Old Man: he is one of the oldest beings in the universe, and yet one of the biggest perverts ever. According to himself, however, he looks quite handsome in his real form.
  • Heel Face Turn: sort of; as expetable from the God of Trickery, his position tends to be... unclear.
  • I Shall Taunt You
  • Kid with the Leash: Subverted - it may look like this to a Gunnerkrigg Court reader because Loki can only manifest through a stuffed kitty that Yuuki owns, but Yuuki doesn't really have any control over him.
  • Killer Rabbit: A facet of the above - the doll may seem harmless, but it's still Loki...
  • Knife Nut
  • Lovable Sex Maniac
  • Mister Seahorse: In a nod to the original legends, Slepnir always calls Loki 'Mommy', much to the Trickster God's embarrassment.
  • The Trickster


The King of The Norse Gods


Thor is an easy going sort who enjoys a good fight and loves to party. He used to hang out with Loki back in the day, but the whole "Balder incident" puts a damper on that. Though with Loki's current freedom, that may change.

 Thor: Loki said I was cute...

Freyr: Loki sleeps with monsters, Thor.


Heimdall works his boring job of watching Bifrost. He wants to be doing something else, but he's stuck there forever, at least till the end of the world


Tyr has nothing better to do with his time these days than to torment the giants, which is pretty fun. He's missing a hand because of his stupid stunt with Fenrir. Though you have to admit, that was pretty cool.


Freya's twin brother and her complete opposite, Freyr opts for giving Yuuki a chance to become stronger. He allows Yuuki to stay in Alfheim where s/he can finish his/her training.



Surt is the leader of the fire giants and Muspellheim. He hates the Aesir for hunting his kind and forcing them to live on the fringes of the universe. He wants to get revenge and waits patiently from the edge of Muspellheim for his chance.


Shuzaya Chiaki

Shuzaya Chiaki has only one want in life: to be in a magical girl story. While this may seem silly, magical girls are everything to Chiaki. She believes that there are magical girls in this world. There just has to be. She doesn't know how right she is though.

Myu Myu-chan/The Auroch

Myu Myu-chan the Auroch is the first beast that Yuuki faces. He is not so much dumb, but easily confused. As the large bull auroch, he is capable of destroying city blocks in a matter of seconds. But as a small "lawn-cow," he is capable of being run over by cars.

  • Sleep Mode Size: He turns into a doll-sized calf when he isn't rampaging.
  • The Unintelligible: Myu-Myu-chan can only say "Myu", but the Norse gods are perfectly able to understand what he's saying. The humans in the cast, though, have absolutely no idea.

Himuro Taki

Himuro Taki is a student at Montrose Academy East, where he is a office worker some of the time. Taki likes Montrose Academy East because of its strange and varied curriculum (meaning he can study Norse mythology with no problem). He also likes girls who are strong and have something unique about them.



Blue Angel Jessie

The Otaku

Joe/Top-Hatted Cape Man

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