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"I think Hugo and Carlos better vamoose!"
Jim Ross, predicting the inevitable

A Professional Wrestling Trope, the Spanish Announcers Table is, naturally, where the broadcasters for the Spanish-speaking audience sit to do their commentary. The one in the WWE is currently manned by Carlos Rodrigo Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich.

More importantly, ever since Diesel threw Bret Hart through it at the 1995 Survivor Series, as a rule, the table gets demolished by a wrestling move at least once a pay-per-view. It has been confirmed that, unlike the English team's, the table is specially designed to collapse upon impact (something that Mick Foley credits with saving his life when The Undertaker famously threw him onto it from the top of the Hell in the Cell cage during their 1998 King of the Ring match). Presumably, it gets targeted so as not to interrupt the flow of the more lucrative English commentary. Kind of a wrestling in-joke, it has gotten to the point where if a wrestler seems to be setting up for a move on the regular announcers table (such as The Rock in his match against Chris Jericho at the 2002 Royal Rumble), he will be directed instead to the other one. CM Punk also lampshaded this during the time he was on commentary; when John Cena put Heath Slater through the English table he was sitting at, he reacted thusly: "This is not the Spanish announce table!"

During the attitude era Hugo and Carlos would Lampshade this trope mercilessly even acting surprised if they went through a whole show with the table intact.

When the Spanish announcer's table isn't ringside, usually this role gets taken over by the B Show's table. And in the rare instance that there's a third table for another language, it's even more doomed than the Spanish one.

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