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Space rock is a subgenre of Rock and Roll with stylistic similarties to Psychedelic Rock and early Electronic Music, characterised by lengthy instrumental passages and lyrics inspired by science-fiction, astronomy and space travel.

Although the style was developed mostly in the UK underground scene in The Sixties, the earliest exponent of space rock was the British independent Record Producer Joe Meek. Enamoured of the idea of space exploration and life on other planets, Meek produced the Concept Album I Hear A New World in 1959, which he explained was intended to, "Create a picture in music of what could be up there in outer space." Meek's fascination with the subject also came through on the Tornados recording "Telstar", the first British single to reach the top of the American charts.

The sound of the genre was developed by the early recordings of Pink Floyd and David Bowie's hit single "Space Oddity". Arguably the most influential space rock group was Hawkwind, who became popular in The Seventies and frequently collaborated with the science-fiction writer Michael Moorcock.

Space rock continues to influence contemporary groups, often in the independent music scene. Modern bands who cite space rock as influences include Radiohead, Muse, The Mars Volta and 30 Seconds To Mars.


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