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This is the power that lets the Differently-Powered Individual manipulate and fold space. This results in teleportation, bags/pockets/sleeves that are Bigger on the Inside than the outside and the ability to ignore bullets. A Reality Warper would have this as part of their powerset.

A Super-Trope of Hammerspace and Bigger on the Inside. Compare with Gravity Master and Time Master.

Examples of Space Master include:

Anime and Manga

  • The Magician from Darker Than Black Season Two used this power to summon unlimited weapons and redirect enemy attacks.
  • Mousse from Ranma ½ has the Hidden Weapons technique which lets him hide armories worth of weaponry in his sleeves.
  • In Saint Seiya, this is the usual power set for the Gemini Saint.
  • Vampire Hunter D film (1985). The mutant Rei Ginsei has the power to warp space within his body. For example, when D's sword stabbed him he caused part of it to appear near D and stab him instead.
  • Father Anderson from Hellsing never seems to run out of bayonets.
  • Kuroko from To Aru Majutsu no Index teleports by distorting space.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Homura is able to store weapons in her shield, along with her primary ability of stopping time.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya (unwittingly), Yuki Nagato, and Ryoko Asakura have all done this.
  • In Naruto, both Kakashi and Tobi have space-bending Sharingan techniques.

Comic Books

Fan Fiction


  • Travelers in The Grimnoir Chronicles books seem to teleport by folding space.
  • A Wrinkle in Time: Mrs. Who, What, and Which can tesser, or wrinkle, which allows them to bend space and time in order to teleport and time-travel. This also allows them to visit spaces which are not three-dimensional. It is later revealed that the American government has been experimenting with this technique as well.
  • "Topological crumpling" is a fairly common magical technique in the Marla Mason books.

Live Action TV

Tabletop Games

  • In Mage: The Ascension, Mages with high ability in the Sphere of Correspondence embody this trope.

Video Games

  • Palkia from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl/Platinum is said to be the "god of space". Its signature move is "Spacial Rend" which allows it to attack by warping the space around it.
  • Time Mages in Final Fantasy Tactics have a few space-warping powers to go with their time and gravity powers; they can teleport, make themselves or others hover off the ground, or manipulate spacial forces to root a guy to the spot.
    • This manifests as early as the Time Mage's series debut in Final Fantasy V; the class' ultimate spell happens to be Meteor.
  • Xigbar from the Kingdom Hearts series has this as his ability, being capable of firing his laser arrows from angles other than where his gun is pointing, and changing the layout of the battlefield on a whim. Also overlaps with Gravity Master, in his ability to walk on walls and ceilings.
  • Komachi Onozuka from Touhou has the power of "manipulation of distance". Canonically, she uses it to change the width of Sanzu river depending on the current passenger's virtue; Fanon often turns it into teleportation.

Web Comics

  • Mind Mistress creates a spatial distortion shield to counter magical attacks. She figures, even if they're mystical, they still have to traverse three-dimensional space to get to her.
  • Parley, from Gunnerkrigg Court has this ability. It begun to materialize in Chapter 23, where this power sends Antimony, Jones, Reynardine, Andrew and her from the simulator to Parley's room.
  • In Homestuck, Space is one of the elemental aspects available to Sburb players, and one of the two which absolutely must occur in every session; Jade Harley is the Witch of Space in the human session, and Kanaya Maryam is the Sylph of Space in the troll session. Space powers however are much closer to being Reality Warping due to being a bit of a Superpower Lottery jackpot. Additionally, all First Guardians have these abilities.

Web Original

  • Academy of Superheroes Universe:
    • Solar Max started as a gravity manipulator. Over time, his skills grew till he could (crudely) manipulate space-time. Devastator had the same power among others.
    • Labyrinthe on the other hand is a mage specializing in spatial control.
  • In the Whateley Universe, Mobius specializes in building pockets that are larger on the inside than the outside. Phase has paid Mobius to make a utility belt, and this is now a regular source of income for Mobius. Thuban can also do this trick with his warper power, and (among other things) has a car that has an interior the size of a two-story house.
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