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  • Alternative Character Interpretation
  • Broken Base: Pre-Aramary and Post-Aramary fanatics.
  • Creator Worship: Fans have taken to calling Revo "his majesty" and pledging their allegiance to him after every concert. Revo just decided to roll with it.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Most of the Moira album. But in particular, tracks 13 and 14.
  • Epileptic Trees
  • Fan Dumb: Related to Broken Base. There are plenty of Aramary fanatics who declare that "Sound Horizon sucks after Aramary left!"/"It's not Sound Horizon without Aramary!"(ignoring the fact that Sound Horizon is Revo) yet still listen to every post-Aramary album just to bash the new singers and Revo himself.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Heika/His Majesty: Revo
    • Tettere: The Princes from Märchen
    • Idoko: The Well Girl from "Sei To Shi Wo Wakatsu Kyoukai No Furuido", due to a popular theory that she's Idolfried Ehrenberg's daughter.
    • Thanako: The insomniac girl from the album Thanatos
    • Lost-ko: The winged girl on the cover of Lost
    • Buranko: The Swing Girl from "Kuroki Okami No Yado"
    • Aohigeko: The wife of Bluebeard from "Aoki Hakushaku no Shiro"
  • Freud Was Right: As long as there is a hole, Bluebeard will pierce it with his Longinus.
  • Fridge Horror: "Sei To Shi Wo Wakatsu Kyoukai No Furuido" is a bright, rockish song that really stands out compared to the rest of the album. Even the contents of the song wasn't dark or creepy(there were no deaths or bloodshed, for one). However, during the live concert, the bonus track "Kuroki Shi no Shinkou:" (read:"The March of the Black Death") was played before and after the song. Then you realize the very real possibility of the 'pitch' that the stepmother's daughter brought back being the black death bacteria, thus contributing significantly to the spread of the black death. Granted, this is only one interpretation of it, albeit an uncomfortably plausible one.
    • In the Live DVD, the silhouette of a rat was shown at the end of the song which more or less confirms the suspicion.
    • Ever seen a picture of someone with the black death? Screw bacteria, the girl wasn't covered in pitch, she was covered in the blackened dead flesh the bubonic plague causes...
  • Memetic Bystander: Idolfried Ehrenberg has exactly two lines in Märchen, neither of which have anything to do with the plot. Fans have nonetheless constructed an entire backstory for him[1], which may or may not be exactly what was intended.
  • Memetic Sex God: Idolfried Ehrenberg. Just look at that man. Soft, golden locks, sassy pirate attitude. He's everything you could ever want.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Märchen seems to be teetering dangerously close to this. Within a month of the single's release, people were shipping him with Elise, Elisabeth, März, Hiver Laurant and the PV dancers to boot.
  • Moe: Pico Magic
  • Nightmare Fuel: In Elysion, Elise in the official music video for the first track is a really scary doll.
  • Tear Jerker: In Roman, Etoile's story. If you don't cry or at least shed some tears, you're a heartless monster.
    • In Moira, track 12. Dear goodness, track 12.
      • The way Revo performed that scream was heartrending.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Again, Aramary. And every time a new CD is released.
  • Toy Ship: in Ido e Itaru Mori e Itaru Ido.


  1. He's the father of the girl from "Sei To Shi Wo Wakatsu Kyoukai No Furuido". He fell down the very same well that März did, and is the entity that März fused with to become Märchen.
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