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  • The Soul Series games generally take themselves seriously, but there are moments. For instance, in 3's character profile, Sophitia and Cassandra have "Weight" filled in as "Unknown (refuses to reveal)" and "Has lost weight recently" respectively.
  • Yun-Seong's "good" ending in Soul Calibur III. He chooses steamed buns over Soul Edge, and they turn out to be bait set up by Mina so she can knock him out and bring him home.
  • Cassandra's ending in Soul Calibur III. Either the sword is broken forever or poor Cassandra has to fix the sword alone as punishment for breaking it. This despite the fact that she just destroyed Soul Edge.
  • Amy's ending in SCIV. RING OUT!
  • In Soul Calibur 2, Link is one of the characters who can do the Title Scream. Of course, being a Heroic Mime, he barely gets past the S before just screaming.
  • Is this troper the only one who just cracked at Astaroth's SCIV ending? "MORE!!!!"
  • The Lizardman's ending in SCIV. Apparently your hand can catch on fire if you hold onto your soul for too long.
  • Dampierre's announcement trailer for V. The whole damn thing.
  • The Character Creation trailer for V.

 Tago P: That doesn't look very Japanese!

Villager A: "My hair's Japanese!"

  • When you bump into Xiba, Leixia, Natsu, and Maxi as Patroklos in SCV's story mode. Patroklos needs a favor from the group, Leixia and Xiba in particular. Both agree but Leixia slyly responds that "nothing is for free" in a way that feels like she's flirting with Patroklos. Xiba's thought on the situation? "Hey, he can buy us dinner!"
    • And Leixia's automatic "No, you idiot!" had this troper howling.
  • Both of Olcadan's endings in 3 are hilarious:

 Ending 1: Opens his own school of martial arts and beats the ever-loving crap out of a few of his students who try a sneak attack on him.

Ending 2: He stops himself right before breaking Soul Edge and SELLS IT TO THE GIRLS WHO RUN THE SHOP! They apparently didn't pay him very much for it, either.

  • In SCV, the cast now has ring out specific lines. Ringing out Raphael makes him yell "HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!?" If you do it again, he yells "DO YOU KNOW NOTHING ELSE?!?"
    • Other characters have great ring out lines as well, such as Natsu going "AW, HELL!", or a player-created male character with the "veteran knight" voice set yelling "I CAN'T LOSE!" during the first and "IT'S STILL TOO SOON!" during the second time.
    • There's also the custom voice that yells "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!"
    • Kilik gets "I FORGOT OF SUCH METHODS!"
    • Edge Master is quite sporting about the matter: "GOOD STRATEGY!!" "NICE AIM!!"
  • Ahh, character customization...
  • Some of the character designs you can encounter in Quick Battle are pretty funny. One of the ones that stands out is the person you face to earn the Drunkard title. Everything about him, his name, his design, and his fighting style all seem like they were legitimately designed by someone who was drunk off their ass.
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