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  • Soul Nomad has quite a few funny moments, but one good one is right after obtaining Odie. The dialogue options literally read:

 Talk to Grunzford about Tricia

Talk to Odie

Go to sleep cuz everyone is stupid

  • Four words: "SHOW ME THE HOTPODS!"
    • In fact, anything with Gig and Hotpods. Heck, anything with Gig, like in Endorph's camp, when he meets Juno.
  • Okay, honestly, one of the funniest comes about ten minutes in. The character discovers Gig shares all his/her senses. IF you're a girl...
    • "Wait, even in the bathroom...Lady Layna. I sorta hate you."
  • Some of Gig's dead-pan reactions to Levin and Danette barreling off-screen:

 Gig: "There they go, like a couple of gold-medal sprinters at the Special Olympics."

  • Juno gets a lot of funny points for having the most ridiculous reaction to a kidnapping:

 Juno: Give him back! Give us back our Penn!

Revya: It's not like we even want him.

Juno: What...? You kidnap him, and you don't even want him? What's wrong with him!? He's cute! Everyone should want to kidnap him! You'll pay for not wanting to kidnap him!

  • In one of the optional conversations with Levin and Vitali, the latter explains that:

 Vitali: In some countries, [Euphoria's] cooking would qualify as a biological weapon.

  • After getting Trish into the team, you're treated with this:

 Gig: Don't get your panties in a knot! Since when am I an 'opportunity' to 'help others'? Lame. Keep taking like that, and I'll choke you while you sleep.

Tricia: Choke me? But... then I might die.

Gig: ... Lemme kill her. Please, just this once.

  • Danette asks Gig about the weaknesses of the World Eaters. His response?

 Odie: What's that up in the sky!?

Rockum: Gyarahga! (Dat's a bird!)

Sockum: Kryuruku! (It looks so plain! Teehee.)

Odie: No! It's the legendary dragon, Sluperam!

  • The Demon Path, along with all the completely necessary violence and carnage, gave us the BFF Empire. The most evil empire in history is named Best Friends Forever Empire.

 Gig: I told you! It's the BFF Empire!

Lobo: Listen, Gig, pal...I don't wanna be the one to say this, but...the name

Pinot: It sucks. It sucks hard.

Gig: You shut your mouth! I don't need some flying midget girl telling me what's cool!

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