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Heartwarming Moments from Soul Eater:
  • Maka's offer of friendship to Crona, and especially his/her reaction to it. After the horrible flashbacks and the scene inside his/her soul, this troper couldn't hold it in at seeing that poor thing receive the first bit of kindness in his/her entire miserable existence. The episode even had some poignant background music and a special Ending Theme animation to drive it all home.

   "It's not that you don't know how to deal with others, it's that no one ever took the time to deal with you,"

    • In the same episode, Maka's comment about Soul:

   "Obnoxious, and yet always answers to my every whim...the greatest guy...Soul.".

  • In the manga: Ox's I Know You Are in There Somewhere Fight with Kim, while she and Jaqueline are trying their darndest to kill him. Then he breaks his iron-rooted hair tradition to prove not all witches have to be destructive, and she comes to her senses and heals him and tearfully and then pecks him on the nose. That whole scene left this troper in a puddle of squee.
  • Sometime around the "Capture Baba Yaga's Castle" arc, Black * Star and Tsubaki's interactions were absolutely heartwarming.
    • Black* Star and Tsubaki got one earlier during the "Masamune" arc while Tsubaki and her brother go at it. Black* Star calmly sits in the rain while wounded stating simply "this time I'll let you take central stage" and watches over her. He never leaves her side even while the hostile villagers are beating him with sticks. The only time he gets up to protect Tsubaki from some brat trying to attack her. He responds by threatening the kid so convincingly everyone backs off and finally after the Bittersweet Ending to Tsubaki's fight she's depressed so Black☆Star gives her a shoulder to cry on. This also counts as his Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Manga again: Stein's pulling Marie towards him and letting her cry into his chest when her New Old Flame B.J. is killed. This not more than five pages after Naigus restates that he's incapable of love. Squee is an understatement.
  • Manga again: Liz and Patty's expanded backstory in the latest chapter: Even when Liz originally planned on milking Kid for his cash, she wanted to do it for Patty but after a while know what? Just read it.
  • The brief scene between Shinigami and Spirit about watching one's children grow up. Rarely do these two Bumbling Dads get a serious moment regarding their respective kids, and this one is both that and bittersweet. They're both fathers, both watching their children grow up from a distance for admittedly different reasons. Between Shinigami's wistful optimism and Spirit's obvious unhappiness, it'd be bad enough without the context of the Sanzu Lines. With it it's just plain unfair. Bonus points for showing that even Shinigami and Death Scythe have the slightly awkward friendship meister/Weapon dynamic going on.
  • Any and all of Soul and Maka's Aw, Look -- They Really Do Love Each Other moments, at least in this troper's opinion.
    • This troper agrees, especially when it's going from Soul to in the anime when he comments that she really is the coolest partner ever, and his breaking her fall when they're falling from way high up into the sky and into some garbage. His comment, if I recall correctly, is something to the effect of "You're amazing." Aw. And they seem to be holding hands a lot lately.
      • Soul jumps in front of/on top of Maka to protect her at least three times (the fight with Dr. Stein, yelling I won't let you touch my meister!; the first fight with Crona, where he gets the scar; the fight with Giriko in the Sloth chapter, despite being badly injured). And after Maka gets over her Sloth and tries to apologize, Soul doesn't even let her finish. He just holds her hand. Again, Aw. Maka's crying after Soul gets slashed in the chest also qualifies as this and a tearjerker.

  "Back away. I won't let you hurt my meister." Dawww…

      • This troper had a minor one during the genderbent chapter in the Book of Eibon arc. Index reveals that the genderbent form everyone takes is modeled off their ideal partner. Guess who looks like who?
  • Maka asking her papa out on a daddy-daughter date after losing the basketball game, and how it caused him to vomit with joy. To top if off we're treated to adorable scenes of how Spirit imagines said daddy-daughter date.
  • Any episode that centers around Crona's adjustment to living at DWMA brings back the heartwarming. Of note is the scene where the students throw him/her a party and assure him/her that they'll always look out for him/her because it's only natural from being friends. Crona gives them what has to be the biggest smile he'll/she'll ever make in his/her life.
  • The episode of Kid's and Black☆Star's/Soul's fight ends with Maka trying to see Lord Death's soul, out of curiosity, and being puzzled when he doesn't seem to have one. The scene then pulls back to show the entire school, around which is a bright gold bubble with three spikes on the top, implying the school is Lord Death's soul. This possibly cements his Dumbledore-ness.
    • That wasn't just the school, that was all of Death City.
    • Every scene between Kid and Shinigami. They just don't quite get one another...until we see how much they do. And the chaos shall be eliminated in explosions and bright lights. Also, in hindsight, how some of Shinigami's first words to Kid in canon were about how his stripes are cute.
  • Maka and Spirit's relation. He really does care for her despite being a divorced womanizer and drawing the ire of Maka. In the manga, it reached an apex when Spirit gave Maka her mother's wedding ring. In addition, the whole discussion they have tells the reader that something's about to go down and Spirit wanted to get everything off his chest. So much so that Maka believes he's about to give her his will.
    • Without having read the chapter it's not clear but Spirit giving Maka the wedding ring sounds significant in another sense. Because in the beginning any reference to his wife and daughter left him a flailing wreck. Is this in some way indicating he's now dealing with it for Maka's sake? Or does that not make sense in context?
  • One of the "Repeat Show" openings features Crona with what is perhaps the biggest, most adorable smile on his face. You read that right; CRONA had a big, joyous SMILE on his face. After all the crap he's been through, this is definitely a comforting sight.
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