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  • Nearly all of Chapter 69 is one. The scene with Justin, Medusa and Tesca Tlipoca that goes into a Overly Long Gag stands out, Black☆Star threatening to eat Eruka in her frog form, and The Stinger with Death the Kid were all hilarious.
  • Chapter 74: Excalibur suddenly shows up in the Wrath chapter of the Book of Eibon after not being seen since volume 9's special chapter. Black☆Star is not amused. Then just when they all thought they got rid of him by going to the next chapter..."NOT AGAIN!!!". He's disposed of when Liz uses him to create a rip in space and then tosses him in it.
    • Also counting from Chapter 74 is the confirmation that Tsubaki and Liz are the team's biggest pervs.
      • Besides Blair, of course.
  • Earlier examples being reading Crona's poetry. Everybody who reads it is immediately banished to "Mr. Corner" wishing they'd never been born. Gets funnier when Sid randomly appears in the corner out of nowhere, wishing he never came back to life.
    • Now, keep in mind that in the people who ended up in the corner, there was: An experienced Meister, A Death Scythe, several Living Weapons, a god-damn ZOMBIE (and Weapon Meister), and a few students who regularly fight unholy soul-eating monsters. Apparently that was one BAD emo poem.
  • The entire testing scene. Kid's reaction to not being able to write "K" and then ripping the paper is to shoot a burst of blood from his nose and mouth and then pass out on the floor. And Patti with the giraffe. Funnier when Patti actually got a 2 on the exam "because her art was done so well."
    • You can't help but feel sorry for Soul after he gets stripped down his underwear (as he hid all his notes in his clothing), but seeing Black Star pinned to the wall by his shirt using some of the blood from his nose to sign his name on the wall beside him and then give a thumbs up to Soul, who doesn't appreciate the lack of help.
  • Episode 26: Maka tries to get Crona out of his/her shell by taking him/her on a tour of Shibusen. Fun Size Ragnorok is not amused, so tries to piss Maka off by... lifting her skirt. What follows is a truly epic Maka Chop. Poor Crona.
  • Episode 40: Medusa tries to make a deal with Death. Death and Spirit spend much of the time Shinigami-chopping her, talking about panties and bloomers and more or less Lampshading her apparent childishness. She is not amused.
  • Ragnarok does a real funny line in episode 19:

  Ragnarok: Hey, did something with four wheels, two legs and two arms just blow past us?

  • The scene where Justin tells Tezca that he can't lipread what he's saying because of his massive bear mask. Tezca's reaction is hilarious when he realizes that someone he considers his friend has never understood a single word he's ever said.
  • Episode 6. That is all.
  • The whole of Chapter 47, especially the party's reaction at the end.
  • Any episode/chapter with Excalibur in it.
  • Chapter 12: Spirit wants to get Maka a gift to congratulate her on being the best in her class, but is too embarrassed to give it to her in person. So, he has Blair get her something, hinting that she likes books. However, he doesn't anticipate that Blair would be lost to temptation, and ends up buying something for herself instead. She decides to change the size of it and give it to Maka anyway. What did she buy? Skimpy lingerie and a copy of the Kama Sutra.
  • "And you have fat ankles."
  • Mandolin?
  • What about the first half of the third opening?
  • Crona smacks Ragnarok (perhaps for the first time in his life). This exchange is what follows:

 Ragnarok: "Do you know what it's like to get hit by you?"

Crona: "How can I?"

Ragnarok: "It's like when you haven't crapped in three days and three nights and then you get a toilet water backsplash bonus when you finally unload!"

Crona: "That's gross, and I really don't get the comparison!"

  • Maka having to ask her dad to spend a whole day with her as punishment for losing a basketball game. She reluctantly asks, and everything is silent for a few seconds... and then his HEAD EXPLODES.
    • Even funnier is a mock-up of this scene on deviantART, in which the subtitles read:

  Maka: Papa...uhm...Is it okay if...Soul and I...have sex?

  • Black Star meeting up with Kidd in episode 22 had this troper almost in tears. Also, all of Kidd's breakdowns and then subsequent snapping.
    • Black * Star and Kid's very existences seem to be Humour On Legs With Loud Voices And Guns. Add Blair and, well...
  • Excalibur's flashback episode, especially the part where the words "PENCIL" and "AMERICA" were thrown in as Written Sound Effects. This being a Bilingual Bonus makes it all that much funnier.
  • Shinigami activating BREW, causing Death City to sprout limbs and become a Humongous Mecha. Naturally, the enemy stronghold does the same so they can have a giant robot duel. In the ensuing battle, Shinigami not only uses Death City Robo to execute his signature chops, but also delivers an Eye Poke technique at one point.
    • Afterwards, it grabs the Kishin and eats him. Cue this troper's jaw dropping due to the sheer insanity of that scene.
  • "I will marry the toilet!"
  • Kid charging his Ultimate Attack against the Big Bad, only to be pierced through the heart by Asura's finger.
  • The improv skit at New York Anime Fest as a whole could count as this (being based off the same fight in episode 6), but Todd Haberkorn manages to stand out when he (quickly) gets tired of imitating gunshots...

 Kid: Gun! Gun! Gungun! Gunning! Gunning more! Gunning two times! Symmetry is awesome! Gun!

  • Medusa getting dragged off by Stein to dance in episode 18.
  • Black Star's has three swords: Tsubaki, his hand, and his Ultimate Man Weapon.
  • Death the Kid would like to explain to you why 8 is a superior number to 7.
  • Maka being completely confused about playing basketball.

  Maka: W-wha? What did I do? What's a "double dribble"? I mean, it sounds kinda cool...

  • During Episode 5's fight with Stein, Black Star really takes a pounding. For the people who don't like him, this is great enough, but there's this downright hilarious line:

 Stein:*kicks off with his swivel chair, simultaneously defending himself from Maka and attacking Black Star*

Black Star: OW MY FACE!

    • And in the same episode:

 Black Star: How could you forget I'M here?

Stein: ... easily.

  • Episode 7 provides a moment of levity midway through, when Spirit tries to seduce a DWMA nurse... only for it to turn out to be Dr. Stein coming in the door. Not only is his reaction completely hilarious, Stein convinces him that he swapped his toes around. However, the delivery of the last line of the exchange is what seals it:

 Stein: Made you look~

  • Episode 21 has Kid do one of his usual breakdowns and Liz is sick of trying to cheer him up.

 Liz: *Sigh* It's your turn Patti. Tell him in that special way that you have.

Patti: Oh, okay. Get your ass moving now. Damn you.

  • In episode 33, Spirit has to mimic Shinigami to Justin since Shinigami's mask prevents Justin (who's always blasting music in his ears) from reading his lips. Spirit thinks he can get away with summarizing Shinigami's somewhat-long sentences.

 Shinigami: Hey! That's not what I said! Repeat it properly from now on.

Spirit: You're taking too long to explain it.

Shinigami: Say that again.

Spirit: Yeah fine, I got it.

    • With that, Spirit not only copies each sentence perfectly, but he even perfectly mimics Shinigami's voice and mannerisms!
  • At the end of chapter 88, Marie announces that she has news on Chrona to the group. However, one scanlator included a translator's note above a panel of just them from behind, below the waist.

  (directly over Tsubaki) That ass!

 Free: It's okay, I'm fine. I'm immortal.

    • His magic trap that was supposed to keep Lord Death out of the fight for an hour wears off after only forty minutes.

 Free: I may have exaggerated a bit. I am a man after all; we've been known to show off somewhat.

    • Or when he meets the human-form mizune.

 Free: And who the hell is this?

Mizune: The combined form of five mizunes.


Free: Oh, okay.

    • In chapter 97, Eruka hears a voice on the other side of her prison cell, who reveals that it's Free, and that he's apparently there to break her out since she did the same for him. When she opens the door, Free is also in handcuffs.

  "Oh. You got arrested too, huh?"

  • Chapter 98:
    • Maka and Black Star are talking while in the sky, but then Black Star suddenly loses altitude and he regrets how his scarf pole-vaulting has damaged several houses already.
    • Kid is in a rush to talk to the Witch Council about combining forces to save the world from Asura, but it turns out Kim (who he needs to get there) is in the shower. His solution of course it to rush into the shower holding a sponge and try to help her clean herself faster.
    • Kim shaking her ass to turn it into a portal to another world.
    • The Witch court's increasingly ridiculous punishment, ending with Kid being given one million death sentences.
    • Then of course, Kid attempts to get them to change their mind by... telling them that he and Kim are having a sexual relationship. Kim's reaction is priceless.
  • Maka succumbing to the black blood and going batshit crazy on Crona is pretty much horrifying...until she tries to eat his/her head, at which point it manages to turn funny for a moment.
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