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Given that the series is a Doorstopper by this point it's only natural it would need its own page for Shout Outs

  • Much like Ohgren Isshin can smell purity but would rather smell cheese.
  • Lelouch's Zanpakuto, Eien Tamashi upon revealing her true form to him pulls a line from Mr. Roboto
  • Nemu apparently has had her own Tablekun moment.
  • There's a Team Four Star referrance in chapter 22. "That's how OLD I AM!"
  • Aisel Baedur's terrorizing of the Kuchiki family and Famous Last Words makes one reminiscent of Arl Rendon Howe
  • Lelouch does this intentionally in chapter 23, quoteing Shakesphere after defeating Maki Ichinose, Hamlet specifically.
  • Lelouch's All Just a Dream episode in the beginning of chapter 24 was based off of an old Garfield comic.
  • There's even one to Thinking in Little Green Boxes in the way that Lelouch gathered the Phantoms.
  • Varcina is a shout-out to Ravnica: City of Guilds
  • One chapter mentions that Talbumosuke's hairstyle would make Kidd throw a fit.
  • In chapter 40 Orihime says After Tatsuki defeats Jirobo Astral Finish!
  • Yolanda seems to be a walking Devil May Cry shout out. Her zanpakuto gives her a Badass Longcoat and Guns Akimbo, along with her release command itself.
  • The way that Lelouch summons his horror mimics Yuna's summoning of Anima.
  • They're Pinky (Gin), they're Pinky and the Brain (Talbumosuke), Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!
  • Hisana's shikai abilities were inspired by songs from Ocarina of Time.
  • Apparently, Ichigo and Shinji watch Gurren Lagann. In fact, in chapter 59, Ichigo and Shinji play out the roles of Kamina and Viral and play out the first battle of the two, with their own twist added onto the end.
  • Team Four Star gets another one with Ulquiorra, and even more so with Yammy, who is a blatent expy of Nappa. Their introductory scene mimics a lot of the interactions between Vegeta and Nappa.
    • In chapter 90 there's now Ghost Yammy, only he's haunting Grimmjow since Ulquiorra's dead.
  • The way that Ulquiorra is talking, Ichigo seems to be an orange haired John Connor.
  • I find your lack of faith disturbing.
  • One of the visoreds is a Beatles fan. Chapter 68.88 reveals that it's Rose
  • The final form of Hisana's bankai gives includes a single black wing and a four meter long "Masamune type blade" much like a certain other One-Winged Angel. The fact that it's accompanied by Ominous Latin Chanting makes the reference even more obvious.
  • "This is why we can't have nice things!"
  • Talbumosuke’s liking to coffee is very similar to a certain coffee addicted prosecutor You can practically hear the fragrance of dark coffee playing in the background.
  • Demora sounds like The Incredible Hulk for one line
    • Yammy gets in on this too

  Yammy: Now you’ve made me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry

  • Wields a large tonfa and is somewhat of a Ninja not to mention how she holds it. Does anyone besides this troper believe that Naomi seems a little like a Gender Bender of Strider Hiryu
    • Perhaps if she were a little less ditzy but I see where you're coming from.
  • Kendra references X-23

  Kendra: I'm the second best there is at what I do

  • Talbumosuke references Algol

  Talbumosuke: I will destroy any that stand in my way

  • Kiganjo seems to hold a similar philosophy to Wrex
  • Ciela references Angol Fear

  Ciela: I will remove all obstacles in my path


  Kendra: Between the Bounts and a few other species roaming the universe I’d say we’ve lost our touch at Genocide

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