• Basic: Each villain in a show is more threatening than the last.
  • Straight: In a show based off of Avengers, each villain the Avengers fight is tougher than the last one.
  • Exaggerated: Each villain in that show learns why the last villain has failed, and proceeds to adapt to the current situation.
  • Downplayed: Each villain in the current season is no better than the villain in the last season.
  • Subverted: There are four seasons in an adaptation of the Avengers Show. The villain in the first season only wants power to himself. The second season uses his men as disposable pawns and disposes them when they are done. The third villain uses cunning and trickery to get what he wants, and treats his men as friends rather than pawns. The fourth and final villain is a human who has two laser cannons named Mipple and Mepple plans to gather a Legion of Doom consisting of the three previous villains that have failed in their conquest to destroy the Avengers. The villains in the three seasons mock and belittle the fourth and final villain as their names are very girly and then proceed to overthrow him.
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