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  Even the most grand and luxurious of cafes are nothing but empty shacks if they don't provide what the customer seeks.

Seaside Maid Cafe in the Maruko Shopping District at first glance seems normal. Maybe too normal; except for its waitresses wearing maid uniforms, it's a regular coffee shop (it doesn't even serve tea). But its staff is rather odd: Hotori Arashiyama aspires to be a detective, Toshiko Tatsuno is a perfectionist, and Uki, the owner, is an old woman with an unusual voice.

Business is slow, too: three regular customers from the neighbourhood, Hotori and Toshiko's classmates Hiroyuki Sanada and Harue Haribara, and their sempai Futaba Kon are apparently the only clients of the joint. But worry not: Hilarity Ensues.

How many Slice of Life shows feature Special Guest appearances by Egyptian gods?

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, (Yet the Town Keeps Going), is a Manga written and illustrated by Masakazu Ishiguro. Seven bound volumes have been released in Japan as of April 2010. The anime adaption by Studio Shaft was aired on the Fall Season of 2010.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru has examples of:

  Toshiko: Luring men with the illusion of gentleness, and taking their money. Such is the way of meidojutsu!

  • Four Meido Band Concert
    • The ED. Part Image Song, part Heavy Meta, all... Enka rock???
    • Also in Episode 8, with the B-Side of the ED song single, which has more of a celtic rock feel.
  • Flat What -- Happens sometimes after Hotori makes a stupid comment.
  • First-Name Basis -- EbiEri switches to this during the Not a Date, and wants Takeru to do the same (see above).
  • Foil -- Toshiko to Hotori
  • Foot Focus
    • There is one case, when Hotori jolted in frustration after her Moriaki-sensei Daydream Surprise.
    • There's another blatant case in the same episode by Toshiko. And yet another by Kon in Episode 6. Low-angle shots are pretty common in this show and they are usually taken below the ground.
  • Funny Background Event -- It's a Shaft Studio work, after all. Take the random "helicopter recon" event on the first episode, for example.
  • Gag Series -- No highly visible plot in this show. Everything's about making viewers laugh.
  • Gainaxing -- Toshiko in episode 8.

 "They were like Water Balloons"

  Toshiko: Arashiyama-san, let's don our war clothing!

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