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Gotta Go Fast (& Knuckles) to de Computer Room!

Classic EraEdit

Video Game/Sonic Adventure 1 & Adventure2 2Edit

Sonic HeroesEdit

  • Because we're Sonic Heroes!
  • The true superpower of Teamwork!
  • Shit! Morock! Nyeeah! [16]

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

  • "Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?" [18]
  • "THIS is who I am!"
  • "You know what they say, the more the merrier!" [20]
  • "I can't get these images out of my mind..." [21]

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006Edit

  • "Yes, but that alone..." (dramatic finger point) "... is insufficient." [23]
  • Uh oh, gotta speed up! [25].
  • Now Loading... [26]
  • That tornado is carrying a car!
  • Sonic's face when he dies.

Sonic GenerationsEdit

Sonic the Hedgehog 4Edit

Phantom Ruby SagaEdit

  • The glorious return of the Daytona USA announcer as the Time Trial and multiplayer announcer in Sonic Mania.
  • There's #RoomForOneMore.
    • No, there's #RoomForNoMore!
      • There is indeed #RoomForOneMore, but it's not Amy. Please #SaveOurAcorn
  • Longboi
  • I am not weak! [35]
  • Sonic Forces X to Y
  • Sonic Forces's budget being wasted in the wrong places, notably Modern Sonic's inexplicable lack of Idle Animations of any sort.
  • Spinning Knuckles.

Other GamesEdit

  • The Shirt or Feathers debate [36]
  • ACCIDENT!!!! [37]
  • Happy Shadow
  • Posting very random character ideas for DLC in All-Stars Racing Transformed [38]

TV Shows/ComicsEdit

    • "THERE IS ONLY... ONE... SONIC... NIC... NIC..."
  • "SnooPING AS usual, I see".
  • "Ah! Happiness is so much more enjoyable, when it comes from the misery of others!"
  • CAKE [39]
  • Mighty's lips [40]
  • Alone on a Friday night? God, you're pathetic. [41]
  • Sonic killed a piano/played Death Waltz [43]
  • Hogglensog [44]
  • You took my people! [45]
  • Robotnik's penis collection [46]
  • Had a bad dream. Better microwave the baby. [47]
  • Knuckles is now Vac-Man [48]
  • THE PIT CREW [49]
  • Correction: TUMBLED into a wall. [50]

Other/Real LifeEdit

  • Sonic is the fastest thing alive... in bed.
  • Dumb Running Sonic. [53]
  • I told Knuckles that Eggman was good, Sonic was evil, and The Other Wiki was as authoritative as a peer-reviewed scientific journal. He believed all of it. [54]
  • You're too slow!
  • "GOTTA GO FAST", a phrase associated with two different memes: an infamous piece of Sonic fanart, and a dub themesong from Sonic X. It also managed to get associated with Tribes due to the gameplay style of the latest installment revolving around speed.
    • "we must accept pain, and burn it as fuel on our journey" [55]
  • Coldsteel, the Hedgeheg. "Psst... Nothing personnel, kid." [56]
  • Totinos Presents Sonic's 25th Anniversary Event [57]
  • Sawneek
  • You are locked in a box with X Sonic character [58]
  • Blackface Bugs = Sonic [59]
  • Gumball eyes
  • Sonic Was Never Good[60]
  • 8 GRAND MA
  • Porcupine Man [61]
  • Referring to Echidna characters as enchiladas.
  • Uganda Knuckles/DO U KNO DE WAE [62]
    • I don't want to set the world on fire... [63]
  • Obama is Shadow. “You mean the Chaos Emeralds?”
  • Back in the days of YTMND, there were a lot of results for everything with the word zone in it being regarded as a Sonic zone.


  1. An ancient Creepypasta and urban legend on Sonic R
  2. The message shown on the HUD whenever killing one of the worm enemies in Toxic Caves.
  3. Message displayed whenever a bird-type mook spawns in Toxic Caves.
  4. A bizarre early sketch of Sonic.
  5. A common response whenever Stardust Speedway is brought up casually due to a strange sample being used in the most popular versions of the song.
  6. A very bizzare line from the ending song of Sonic CD
  7. This is shown if one gets ahead of the start prematurely in S3
  8. From the S3 manual
  9. Misinterpretation of Robotnik's Sprite as an upturned head quickly caught on and spawned this strange character
  10. From the beta of Sonic 3D Blast
  11. Thanks to an awesome playthrough of Sonic 3, fans believe Knuckles' Evil Laugh sounds like this.
  12. Thanks to the sampling in Speed Highway. Became in vogue during a fundraiser Sonic Retro was running. They even made a t-shirt template
  13. Delivered in monotone by Sonic or Knuckles.
  14. A response to those asking for a sequel, which became a real game
  15. The line reading for Tails had a few grammatical errors, especailly on the part of Tails' Voice actor
  16. A mondegreen of Knuckles's attacking sounds
  17. The Hero goal of Cosmic Fall, as explained by a particularly-grating Vector the Crocodile.
  18. Shadow misemphasizes a Precision F-Strike in a particularly narmful way.
  19. Danielle Otaka goes nuts when Shadow laughs at the end of the Pure Dark Ending. She ends up referencing a sentence splice in a Rolie Polie Olie YouTube Poop by BarneyIsPerverted.
  20. One Eggman boss in Shadow is a rapid-fire Mook Maker when not under attack. And he says this line every time.
  21. A line delivered by Shadow which has been likened to situations where Brain Bleach is needed.
  22. The US advertisement for the game has Jason Griffith make Shadow sound vaguely British at the aftermentioned line. Hilarity Ensues.
  23. Can we just say "lots of Narm" for the rest of the Sonic quotes and be done with it?
  24. Silver says this A LOT during his boss battle.
  25. What Sonic says before a mach speed section
  26. The game has a lot of loading screens
  27. In the Final Boss battle with "Time Eater," all of Sonic's friends keep saying a variant of this every time the boss uses homing missiles. Which feels like every fifteen seconds.
  28. Born from the Sonic Stadium Message Boards mocking the Fan Dumb's usual sentiments after noticing a tree on one of Rooftop Run's rooftops. Eventually Rooftree became a Joke Character in the forums.
  29. A tornado that sweeps up the goal post.
  30. The explanation for the odd synths in Sonic the Hedgehog 4
  31. A clever mutation of Sylvania Castle
  32. Mixing White Park and Sylvania Castle's names around and getting hilarious results
  33. Narm, as usual, but more so due the Tails beard
  34. Ken Balough's name for the unnamed setting of Sonic 4. It is also referred to as Mirage Island
  35. Infinite's motivation
  36. A debate over what covered Wave the Swallow's chest
  37. From Sonic Shuffle
  38. The release of characters like a Yogscast member for the PC version of the game
  39. An edit of Robotnik in a comic panel to hold a large cake has been repeated over and over again
  40. A strange image of Mighty's lips showing what appears to be buck teeth, photoshopped onto other characters
  41. An edit of an ancient Archie comic panel to make Sonic say those
  42. From said ancient Archie comic, Bunnie mentions this character as being related to her. The fans took it and RAN with it.
  43. One of the Archie comic covers shows a situation very similar to that of what'd happen if one tried to play "Death Waltz" by John Stump on piano.
  44. A term used for how badly drawn Echidnas tend to look
  45. Ironic line in consideration of Penders taking a large chunk of the Archie comic cast in 2013
  46. In addition to the more popular ones, there are also PIENDISH, PEANDUZ, PINDES, and more
  47. Knuckles's Archie backstory can be summed up as this.
  48. In reference to his Sonic Boom design
  49. The Sonic 3 adaptation comic's cover had Sally on the top right corner eating a watermelon, spitting out the seeds, and saying she's in the pit crew. To make a long story short, things happened, and now people ship that Sally with Knuckles in the comic.
  50. A gijinka version of Shadow from Sonic Boom was portrayed as a black teenage boy in a leather jacket with black and red hair. Since All Women Are Lustful, he's caught fire.
  51. An old marketing catchphrase
  52. Alton Towers has a "Sonic Room" with audio from Roger Craig Smith as Sonic himself recommending assorted things, such as the game consoles in the room.
  53. A Tumblr meme where internet artists draw animations of Sonic running in a bizarre manner, often edging into Deranged Animation territory. The results are predictable.
  54. Knuckles has a history of battling Sonic because Eggman told him he was up to no good. At least three times.
  55. the caption to another piece of Sonic fan-art
  56. A piece of art of a Sonic recolor with a fourth-wall breaking backstory and lots of typos
  57. A Totino's sponsorship really overtook the show
  58. a trend on the SEGA Forum, which itself was a thriving forest of memes.
  59. An edit to a Bugs Bunny image in blackface to depict Sonic reaching for a ring
  60. IGN claims this
  61. A parody design of Sonic, exaggerating the nose
  62. A VRChat meme. Originally, this was created by Gregzilla for his review of Lost World, and tied into the extant meme of "OH NO."
  63. from the "Knuckles Sings" video from before the Ugandan Knuckles caught fire
  64. the ending screen to a bootleg Sonic game