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Sonic World Adventure Rush has numerous shout outs to various corners of the Sonic universe. Here is a concise list with cross references where need be.

Main List of Shout Outs:

In Sonic the Hedgehog's Story:

In Shadow the Hedgehog's Story:

  • Agent Topaz, a character from Sonic X and the tie in comics, wore a police uniform that resembled the ones worn by those in Virtua Cop.
    • She even says she joined the VCPD because she was inspired by her father, who was a brave firefighter
  • Several of the files stolen by the mystery hacker are Metarex Technology, Drakon Technology, Project DURAL, and Artificial Chaos technology.
  • The Commander mentions Wiki Leaks.

In Silver the Hedgehog's Story:

  • While taking in the sights of Empire City, this exchange occurs:

 Chip: Look! It's the Statue of Happiness!

Silver: You mean Statue of Liberty, Chip.

  • When Silver asks Ashura why Blaze didn't come back after the events that led to her sacrifice were erased, his reply was "...poor writing on the universe's part.".
  • While writing Ashura's dialogue, the author realized he was subconsciously writing him as the Tenth Doctor, despite not watching much of the show at all. In a case of self Ascended Meme, it stuck and wound up handing out Lampshades to everyone.
    • Which resulted in Mephiles being written with a dash of The Doctor's nemesis The Master, but owing a lot more to Count Iblis of Battlestar Galactica with his air of ambiguity. He also owes alot to Legion.
  • An Empire City coffee shop is named City Perk

In Blaze the Cat's Story:

In Jet the Hawk's Story:

In Wave the Swallow's Story:

  • Morgan laFey (portrayed by Shade the Echidna), raises the remains of the true King Arthur (Sonic). The whole thing, down to the line "Rise from your gave" is a big shout out to the Genesis classic Altered Beast.
    • Altered Beast was based in Greek mythology, but the gothic horror elements work in any setting.
  • When Arthur is turned into the Ilwolf, a Dungeons and Dragons inspired party goes after him. They should be familiar to anyone who played any Golden Axe game.
  • Nack the Weasel is known by his Japanese name Fang, and acts as a thief/rouge type. His competition in claiming the reward on slaying the Ilwolf? Ever play Popful Mail?

In Nack The Weasel's Story:

  • Nack remarks that he wasn't going to kill Bean's brothers Bin and Pin. Those two originated in the arcade scene, and later on the Sega Master System as Dynamite Dux. Bean was designed for Sonic the Fighters explicitly as a reference to this game, as they were both made by Sega's AM 2 arcade division. Bean's alternate costume is Bin!
  • Nack and Bark are disturbed by Bean's love of KFC. Considering they were a blatant product placement in Dynamite Dux in the arcade, perhaps the craving runs in the family?

In The Brotherhood Of Metallix Story:

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