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  • If she really is "Queen" Alena, how come she wasn't able to stop Robotnik from taking over Mobius? Did she not have an army or anything?
    • Maybe it's a Constitutional Monarchy, and their power only amounts to influence?
    • Or maybe she did but it wasn't strong enough.
  • I'll preface this by saying that, as a kid, I loved this series, but seriously, what is the deal with the prophecy? It's been a long time since I've seen the series but it honestly makes no sense. In order to overthrow Robotnik, Queen Alena must reunite with her children... but here's the kicker: in order for the prophecy to come true, she has to separate herself from her children. Well, duh, how else can she "reunite" with them? And why does she have to give them up in the first place? Does the act of reunion carry some huge, mystical power? To me, it sounds like a really bad excuse for an origin story.
    • Wasn't seperating them for safety or something?
    • Exactly. We probably would have gotten more of an explanation had the series not been canceled.
    • They're all fugitives from Robotnik equally; are they really made any safer by being split up? Besides, when they were split up their medallions didn't work. That Oracle dude has a lot to answer for...
  • What always irritated me about the separation of the mother and children was that the prophesy was that Robotnik would be defeated when they reunited (or sometimes vice-versa) and formed the Council of Four. The creation of the Council of Four seems to be the one thing that can defeat him. This wouldn't be so bad, were it not for all the times Queen Aleena dodges her kids by inches - sometimes it was necessary for their safety, but most of the time it was her escaping them. How are they supposed to reunite with their mother and overthrow Robotnik if she's always dodging them?
    • Supposedly, all those near-misses were because it "wasn't yet the right time". If they got together too soon, the prophecy wouldn't come true... for some reason.
    • My guess is that the siblings need to mature before they can truly form the Council of Four.
  • Why did the Oracle warn Robotnik, too? If he hadn't done that, the kids would never have been put in danger in the first place.
    • Maybe the Oracle wanted Robotnik to realise "You shouldn't waste your time with this since your downfall will be certain if you do."
  • Why is it when someone gets roboticized they end up looking like cyborgs yet Argus looks like a full robot. Also in this series Uncle Chuck looks more like a cyborg while in Satam he is a full robot, what's up with that?
    • Different series. Lately in Archie, Eggman is now keen on cyborgs, but he often uses mind-control chips too. It seems to me this was the road Robotnik took.
  • I just realized something, what would happen if Sleet and Dingo (somehow) planned a way to get Robotnik roboticized in his own roboticizer and it worked, would it mean Sleet and Dingo take over as rulers of Robotropolis and would it interfere with the prophecy?
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