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Now you know Sonic X, right? The fourth incarnation of the blue blur's animated adventures?

Well, take that series, strip away the audio track, rewrite the story and re-edit practically everything, and you get the first Abridged Series/Gag Dub/Completely edited series of the whole Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

You see, Sonic F adapts, re-works and mocks what was once a Cut and Paste Translation of the second anime version of Sonic, which was originally intended to be more faithful to the games before the whole Westernization process.

It is worth noticing that there were several attempts at creating Abridged Series for the anime OVA as well as Sonic X, but those eventually became Orphaned Series. Therefore, the Sonic F series has transcended everything. Everything.

Created by Cyberlink420 and Gamebuddy123, episodes are released under the banner of Sonic Paradox, the same Sonic fanimation team responsible for the Sonic Shorts series.

Check out their YouTube channel here and their Twitter account here.

This Abridged Series provides examples of:

 Eggman: (after having to cope with E-51's mishaps) Boys, fetch me my tools!

Decoe: But we're right here, your rottenness! (Rimshot)

Eggman: *laughs* Alright, I was a real genius for programming that one.

 Eggman: At last, that meddlesome hedgehog is dead, and the world is finally mine! And boy, was that ever an impressive victory! I'd hate to be the guy who wasn't there to see it!

 Chris: Cream! Aren't you still mad about-

Cream: I'm only six years old. I have the attention span of a hamster, so I've forgotten why I was angry- OOH A SHINY OBJECT!

  • Brick Joke: In Episode 6, Chris falls down and apparently breaks the stairs. In the very next episode, Sonic falls down the stairs and complains loudly why nobody has fixed them yet.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Knuckles does this after playing too many fighting games, much to the annoyance of Sonic. Oddly enough, the second time doesn't help Sonic avoid it as he's too distracted to hear Knuckles screaming.
  • Child-Hater: Mr. Stewart.
    • Child abuse helps Amy get through the day.
  • Ending Theme: An a-capella rendition of the original Sonic 1 ending theme combined with Sonic's Song from AOStH makes for some Crowning Music of Awesome.
  • Expy: Decoe and Bocoe for Scratch and Grounder respectively, even moreso than in the source material.

 Decoe: Here's your cards, your maliciousness, BAHA-AHAAAGH!

 Chris: Uh, where were you keeping that screwdriver?

Tails: You're better off not knowing. Trust me.

 Dr. Robotnik: My name is Doctor Eggman!.. Er, I mean, Robotnik!.. Uh, Kintobor! Oh, forget it.

 Sonic: Now to do things old-school. (spindashes) Spin nice knowing ya, Knux. Ha ha.

Knuckles: (catches Sonic) That was terrible.

Sonic: So is Your Mom.

 Sonic: "It's Cream and Cheese!"

Chris: "Friends of yours?"

Sonic: "More like obligatory kid appeal characters."

 Rouge: I can't believe they called me for this. No lines and I just sit here like some incredibly hot gargoyle? Oh, this is some bullsh--WHOA!

    • Scarlet too, apparently is Station Square's version of Robin Scherbatsky in that she's beautiful, works for a TV company and their voices are actually kinda alike.

 Scarlet: Scarlet Garcia, news reporter and Station Square sex symbol on the scene.

    • And earlier in the series.

 Dr. Eggman: And all shall kneel before my perfect follicles, especially Scarlet Garcia! Oooohohohohoooh! I do love it when she kneels.


 Sonic:"Traveling to the mountains to sniff flowers... Truly, I am the epitome of manliness."

 Tails: Now all I need to do is reroute the connection here and reverse the polarity o-

  • Shipper on Deck: Amy writes Tails x Cream fanfiction. Tails is, understandably, not too happy about this.
  • Shout-Out: Like many other Abridged Series, this pays homage to several other series, and in one episode, lampshades the entire concept of--COMPLETELY. ORIGINAL. CONCEPT.
    • The font, however, not so much:

 Narrator: SPINDASH'D!

Badnik: Oww, my artificial intelligence!

 Chris: Don't you think it sounds slightly reminiscent of Dragon Ba--


Chris: Yeah, I suppose you guys are right.

 Text: We're officially changing our name to Team Four Emerald, by the way.

    • In the same episode, there's this:

 Construction worker: Fine, but if I find out that there's a dancin' frog buried under here, you'll be hearing from the union!

 Chuck: And his mom's one of the most in-demand stars in Hollywood--even the rehab facilities have to fight over her!

    • In the same episode, when Stewart is trying to get his class back...

 Stewart: Yes, I know we're downtown and technically not in a neighborhood...RRRGH! Damn you, neighborhood watch committee!

 Eggman: I'm just re-setting your personality and effectively removing everything that makes you an individual.

E-51: Heh, well, since you put it like thwhaaaaaa--!?

Eggman: E-51, access default emotional settings. Override code: 19-65-09-17.

Amy: *crying* I was so close... if it wasn't for Eggman... *normal tone* Eggman... *slightly angry sounding* Eggman... *Rules of Nature begins to play. *screams* EGGMAAANNN!!!!

 Sonic: Oh, that's just great! I can run at supersonic speeds but I can't even get out of a kid's swimming pool? What the hell has Sonic Team been smoking all these years?

    • Also lampshaded in Episode 5, even when he wasn't in any danger of drowning.

 Sonic: Oh, God no! Not the water! I can hear the countdown music already!!

 Sonic: And that was for my butt, bitch!

  • This Means War: Sonic accepts Knuckles's challenge after Robotnik's TV blows up in his face.

 Sonic: I hope you realize this. Means. War.

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