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  • Lonelygirl15 has had a number of these, from "Proving Science Wrong... with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15", in which the two main characters acted the part of each other, to "Coming For You", a threatening video posted by a Shadow.
  • With the Angels provides two examples, "Sunshine Film Academy", presented in the style of a commercial, and "Lifetime Achievement Award", presented in the style of a music video.
  • When That Guy With The Glasses reviewed We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story, instead of doing it as any of his own characters, he did the review as an imitation of Hunter S. Thompson. This didn't go over well with some elements of his fanbase. Lampshaded, since the episode opened with, "People who don't know who Hunter S. Thompson is will probably hate this review".
    • He also did the The Good Son episode completely through title cards and subtitles (after losing his voice).
  • The Whateley Universe was strictly a light-hearted Super-Hero School comic book realm, until "A Simple Game", the first Carmilla story, which dove head-first into Lovecraft Country.
  • Part two of the Extra Credits video game addiction episode consists of, instead of their normal visual pun, fast paced, analytically style show, the writer for the show giving a monologue to the audience. This is because the issue hit a little to close to home for him to write, so he decided to tell his story instead.
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