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Sol Bianca is two-episode OVA series by AIC, from 1990 (first episode) and 1992 (second episode). Also, a six-episode OVA series titled Taiyō no Fune Sol Bianca (Ship of the Sun Sol Bianca), was made in 1999-2000.

The series follows the adventures of the spaceship Sol Bianca and its crew.

This show provides examples of:

  • Amazon Brigade
  • Completely Different Title -- When Pioneer released the second series, they called it Sol Bianca: The Legacy.
  • Conspicuous CG -- In the second series.
  • Cool Ship -- The Titular Vessel.
  • Earth-That-Was
  • Foreign Language Title -- It's apparently supposed to mean "white sun" in Spanish and/or Italian ("bianca" is the feminine adjective form of "white" in Italian and "sol" is Spanish for "sun"; the correct phrase would be "sol blanco" in Spanish and "sole bianco" in Italian).
  • Laser Blade -- The ship's weapon is some kind of glowing yellow string (it forms curve shapes when in use) that cuts anything it touches.
  • Left Hanging -- The second episode of the original series ends with an antagonist character bringing someone out of suspended animation. We never find out more about this, though, because the series ends there, and the second series seems to be either a Prequel or an Alternate Continuity.
  • Pirate Girl
  • The Quiet One -- Janny in the second series.
  • Space Is an Ocean -- When the titular ship enters / leaves hyperspace, it resembles a submarine diving / resurfacing.
  • Space Pirates
  • Spaceship Girl -- June seems to be something like a robotic terminal of the ship's computer.
  • Starship Luxurious -- The Sol Bianca has an onboard garden.
  • Theme Naming -- The given names of the main characters are month names or variations thereof: April, Feb, Janny, June, May. There's also a solar system with planets named Uno and Tres.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion -- In the second series, Janny is very masculine in behavior and appearance, and has a relatively low-pitched voice. (The seiyuu has also voiced some younger male characters, including Sasshi Imamiya from Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai.)
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