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Get to know the cast of the Snowboard Kids series and their associated tropes. Characters are filed under the game of their debut.

Snowboard Kids

Slash Kamei

Voice Actors: English - Lani Minella (1/2) | Japanese - Chiaki Morita (1/Plus/2)

Energetic Slash has been known to be a troublemaker. He's extremely competitive, leading to him constantly butting heads with his peers. He enjoys any ride with a lot of speed (like minibikes in the warmer months), and considers himself to be the best boarder in town.

Nancy Neil

Voice Actors: English - Lani Minella (1), Julie Noble (2) | Japanese - Rio Natsuki (1/2), Shizuka Ishikawa (Plus)

Nancy would be seen as the voice of reason in the group, if the others ever bothered to listen. Nevertheless, she is a motherly sort of girl who is well-liked by her peers. Many say that she's the best when it comes to tricks, but Nancy remains modest.

Jam Kuehnemund

Voice Actors: English - Lani Minella (1), Mike Muratre (2) | Japanese - Junichi Suwabe (1/Plus/2)

Jam is a fun-loving kid who's an avid follower of the New York rap scene. He's smarter than his playful demeanor lets on, but has a tendency to show off. Jam calls himself the "Trick Master," and shares a friendly rivalry with Nancy.

Linda Maltinie

Voice Actors: English - Lani Minella (1), Julie Noble (2) | Japanese - Rio Natsuki (1/Plus/2)

Linda is the spoiled daughter of the Maltinie Foundation's owner. She first visited Snow Town at the age of seven to recover from an illness, but grew to like the place so much that she decided to live there with her butler.

Tommy Parsy

Voice Actors: English - Ari Ross (2) | Japanese - Koichi Tochika (1/Plus/2)

Tommy is a gentle boy with a fondness for hamburgers. Because of his quiet nature, it's hard to tell what's on his mind. Slash has been his friend since childhood, but Tommy is wrongfully accused of mischief when he's really just being dragged around.


Voice Actor: Japanese - Junichi Suwabe (1/Plus)

Everything about this skilled ninja is a mystery, but he is so feared that no one has ever dared to ask him. Shinobin has the capability of getting his point across without saying a word, then vanishing without a trace.

Mr. Dog

Voice Actors: English - Lani Minella (1), Ari Ross (2) | Japanese - Koichi Tochika (1/Plus/2)

Mr. Dog is a kindly old fellow well-known for his role as the owner of the local store. He rides a hot air balloon to the starting lineup, firing his gun to signal the beginning of every race. It's said that he used to be a very fast boarder.

Snowboard Kids Plus

Nicole Couch

Voice Actor: Japanese - Konami Yoshida

Nicole is the daughter of the Couch Company's founder who attends a school in a neighboring town. Her rivalry with Linda began when she was called "Upstart Girl," and the fact that their respective companies are feuding doesn't help matters any. In spite of this, Nicole has good relations with the others.

  • Dynamic Entry: When she first arrives, she bursts in through the classroom door and passes out invitations to her tournament - by way of attaching them to arrows and firing them at their intended recipents.
  • Lovable Alpha Bitch: Except to Linda.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Her name gets romanized as Nicole and Nicol.
  • Stripperific: One of her unlockable outfits almost resembles a Hooters uniform.

Pamela Rasteri

Voice Actor: Japanese - Hiroko Taguchi

Perky, pink-haired Pamela is a popular child actress in Hollywood, rarely seen because of her busy schedule. Many girls at school are only interested in her celebrity status, but Pamela remains cheerfully oblivious to this fact. She and Nicole seem to share a close friendship.

Ruby Green

Voice Actor: Japanese - Koichi Tochika

Ruby is the narcissistic muscular kid who refers to himself as a "Nice Guy." Much to his chagrin, he's actually mistaken a chaperone when he's out in public with the others. Ruby is purely in it for the money, so his flamboyant antics are mostly ignored.


Voice Actor: Japanese - Rio Natsuki

A kunoichi associate of Shinobin's with all of his mysterious qualities and snowboarding skill, but none of his maturity and discipline. Her hyperactivity leaves most people in a state of confusion after she bounds away to parts unknown.

  • Genki Girl: So genki that even Slash can't keep up with her.
  • Vague Age: Not as ambiguous as Shinobin, though.

Snowboard Kids 2

Wendy Lane

Voice Actors: English - Lani Minella | Japanese - Shizuka Ishikawa

Wendy is a short-statured, bespectacled whiz kid who recently moved to Snow Town from New York. A genius when it comes to inventing, her various gadgets are a source of wonder for her new friends. Wendy becomes giddy at the prospect of putting her expertise to work.


Voice Actors: English - Lani Minella | Japanese - Chiaki Morita

Damien is a demon who arrived from the underworld to conquer Snow Town. When his grand entrance goes unnoticed by the Snowboard Kids, he forsakes his mission to avenge his wounded pride. Damien's nasty plots often backfire on him, but he's too stubborn to give up.


Voice Actors: English - Mike Muratre | Japanese - Koichi Tochika

Described as a hot-blooded and strict teacher, Coach the penguin could be presumed to be the one who taught the Snowboard Kids how to ride the slopes. He communicates solely in unintelligble squawks, but everyone seems to understand him perfectly.

SBK: Snowboard Kids

Slash Kamei

Voice Actors: English - Uncredited | Japanese - Yuko Sato

Slash possesses natural athletic ability, and he joined a previous snowboarding tournament to show off his skill. He reached the finals with ease, but his overconfidence caused him to lose to Brad. Determined to redeem himself, Slash went in pursuit of his new rival.

Brad Maltinie

Voice Actors: English - Uncredited | Japanese - Yu Urata

Brad's family is one of the wealthiest in the United States, but he didn't pay to learn how to snowboard - he practiced on the mountains in his backyard. He was introduced to Nancy through his parents, and took it upon himself bring her out of her shell with a helping of humble pie.

Nancy Neil

Voice Actors: English - Uncredited | Japanese - Rika Wakusawa

Nancy is from a distinguished background, and she never passes up a chance to let everyone else know that. Luckily for her, she has the talent to back up those claims of superiority. Nancy wants to make her parents proud, and it's implied that she may not be as cold as she seems.

Jam Kuehnemund

Voice Actors: English - Uncredited | Japanese - Mayumi Yamaguchi

Jam is a national rap battle champion who is in constant search of the latest trends for the purpose of bolstering his ego. No matter what he is doing at the time, he goes all out to impress others. He's so wrapped up in himself that he pays little attention to the others.

Tommy Parsy

Voice Actors: English - Uncredited | Japanese - Mitsuaki Hoshi

Tommy met Nancy at his parents' company picnic and became smitten with her at first sight. Since then he has attempted to win her over, resulting only in failure. In spite of his lack of snowboarding experience, he'll use every dirty trick he can to finish first and prove his worth to "his girl."

Koyuki Tanaka

Voice Actor: Eriko Nakayama

After witnessing a snowboarding competition in Japan, Koyuki took interest and began training deep in the mountains. Seeing her potential, her ninja superiors gave her to the opportunity to put her skills to the test. Koyuki is shown to be friendlier and more humble than her fellow competitors.

  • Fuuma Shuriken: Her Shuriken shot.
  • Nice Girl
  • Non Dubbed Grunts: Her voice is left in Japanese for all English releases of the game for some unexplained reason.
  • Xtreme Sport Xcuse Plot: The English manual states that Koyuki was sent on a mission to destroy a weather-altering surface satelite, but it's mentioned nowhere in the game itself, merely that she wishes to test her skills.


Voice Actors: English - Uncredited | Japanese - Katsumi Watanabe

A skilled boarder from the South Pole, Max is a penguin with human intelligence and speech. Desiring a worthy challenge, he wished to join a human competition in the hopes of finding a suitable rival.

Jack Frost/Black Frost

Voice Actors: English - Uncredited | Japanese - Eriko Nakayama

Jack Frost is an iconic demon from the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the mascot of Atlus. He's adorably childish, but won't hesitate to freeze his enemies solid. Black Frost is his more powerful but mean-spirited counterpart.

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