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  • Various, but special mention to the scene with three parallel cars (Avi/Tony transporting Boris in the trunk, Turkish and Tommy, and Sol, Vinnie and Tyrone dealing with replica guns)
  • This scene, particularly the take where the guy fires the replica gun, blowing up windows and deafening the people inside the car.
  • Three men arguing over how to get rid of a body. "I create the bodies! I don't erase the bodies!" That little grace note of comic genius, though, is the fact that the entire scene is shot from the body's point of view.

 Tyrone: I didn't see it there.

Vinny: It's a four ton truck, Tyrone. It's not as if it's a bag of fucking peanuts, is it?

Tyrone: It was a funny angle.

[All three turn and look back at the truck]

Vinny: It's behind you, Tyrone. Whenever you reverse, things come from behind you.

 Brick Top: Pull your tongue out of my arsehole, Gary. Dogs do that. You're not a dog are ya Gary?

Gary: No, no I'm not.

Brick Top: However, you do have all the characteristics of a dog, Gary... All except loyalty.

(Errol, another henchman, zaps Gary in the side with a stun gun, while Liam pulls a plastic bag over his head)

Turkish: (narrating) It's rumored that Brick Top's favorite means of dispatch involves a stun gun, a plastic bag, a roll of tape, and a pack of hungry pigs.

(Brick Top eyes Liam, and strolls casually past him.)

Brick Top: You're a ruthless little cunt, Liam, I'll give you that... but I've got no time for grassers.

(Behind him, Errol pulls a plastic bag over Liam's head, and drags him to the ground in a suffocated heap.)

Brick Top: Feed 'em to the pigs, Errol.

(He turns to face the boxers in the ring, who are staring at him in abject horror)

Brick Top: What the fuck are you two looking at?

  • Doug coming across some teenage boys smoking outside his shop. In full Orthodox Jewish clothing.

 Doug: What are you doin' here?

Youth: (spits) It's a free country, innit?

Doug: Well it ain't a free shop, is it? So fuck off!

  • Tommy chasing the dog at the end.
  • Tommy's namesake.
  • Boris refusing to die. Particularly after the three-way standoff.
  • It's probably in the delivery, but this just sticks in my head and makes me giggle a lot.

 Tommy: Sorry, Mickey. Just give us our money back, and you can keep the caravan.

Mickey: Why dah fahk dah ah want a caravan dats gat no fahkin' wheels?

    • In context, Mickey sold the caravan (trailer home) to Tommy and Gorgeous, only for the wheels to fall off as they attempt to drive it away.
  • Avi, in general. Special mention goes to how he handles the three-way standoff:

 Vinny: Gimme the case!

Avi: ...Fuck you. (clings to it) Shoot me.

    • And then Boris enters, demanding the case:

 Avi: Y'know what? Fuck you too!

  • "Why do they call him the Bullet Dodger?" "...because he dodges bullets, Avi."
  • Cousin Avi arrives in the UK:

 Doug: Avi!

Cousin Avi: Sit down and shut up you big bald fuck!

  • Cousin Avi leaves the UK:

 Customs official: Anything to declare?

Avi: Yeah; don't go to England.

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