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The superpower where one manipulates smoke for in various ways. A person can generate, form, and control the mixture of gasuos particles. A source from pyrolysis or combustion maybe needs to use the skill.

Anime & Manga

  • Smoke from One Piece has eaten the Moku Moku Fruit that allows him to produce, control and even become smoke. His techniques can also make his smoke tangible that he can attack opponents or make himself intangible smoke to avoid harm.
  • Morel Mackernasey from Hunter X Hunter as a Nen user with the Manipulation type uses technique around smoke. He transmutes his aura into smoke that can be constructed into different forms such as puppets, ropes, or even camoflauge.

Video Games

  • Hank from Infamous Second Son is a Smoke Conduit that can absorb and control smoke which gets absorbed by the main protagonist. The ability seems to creates heat and fire from the rubbing of the particles. The power involve turning into a smoke to dash, thrusting into the air with, a blast of smoke, a condensed bomb, and even missles.

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