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Insurance Agent: Smoker?

Homer: Yes.

Marge: You don't smoke.

Homer: Shh, I want her to think I'm cool!
Cigarette machine: (repeating loop) Cigarettes! First one's free! Smoking is cool! The Surgeon General is a fool! Lung cancer is a myth! Cigarettes!

Darby: Hey! Wh-where'd you get that cigarette from!?

Jotaro: What, this? Want one? I can't really blame ya. After all, I make smoking cool as f*ck.
Hey, you know, I've had it with you guys and your "cancer" and your "emphysema" and your "heart disease." The bottom line is smoking is cool and you know it.
Chandler Bing, Friends

Ah, the smart young ladies of the land

Can't relax without a harry in their hand

And they light one up and they boast and brag

So content because they got a harry rag.
The Kinks, "Harry Rag"

Fry: What's the cigar for?

Bender: It makes me look cool
—"Futurama", Pilot
A cigarette is the perfect kind of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more could you want?
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