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  • In Sly 2's introductory mission, we see Bentley's first time out in the field, and his efforts to calm his nerves include an abundance of codenames that Sly jokingly mangles. Much later, both Sly and Murray are arrested, but even on his own, Bentley trails them. After three consecutive solo jobs to bust Sly out, Bentley acknowledges Sly's thanks by saying it's part of a friend's duty. Sly agrees wholeheartedly and calls Bentley by his proper codename.
  • When the gang is in China in the third game, Murray's van, which was last seen on an iceberg in Canada, turns up half frozen in ice, and Murry starts dragging it back to the Safe House. The Heartwarming part is that ( the Panda King) helps Murray by blasting any guards who get close to tiny pieces. You need to see it to get the full effect.
    • To explain, after Penelope has tried her hardest to pull the van away, Murray states that he'll never leave her [the van] behind again. Panda King is moved at this since if he had that heart and spirit, he would've saved his daughter from being wed, and thus helps Murray get the van back. For this, Murray gives him shotgun for a month.
  • What about this line?

  Carmelita: No one touches my criminal!

  • When Sly is going for the Cooper Vault treasure, Murray and Bentley stay behind. Bentley questions his friendship with Sly but Murray explains that it was okay because if they switched places, Sly would've been proud of Bentley.
  • How about another Bentley related one? After being kicked out of his wheelchair by Le Fwee, Penelope goes and fights him. The end of the chapter shows Penelope in Bentley's arms as they fly off in his rocket powered wheelchair.
  • Carmelita has a slight one in Sly 2: Despite wanting to get Cooper and his gang, she's shown to be caring when she captures Murray. She keeps an eye on him and apologizing for the cramped cage and even goes out to give the hungry hippo some jelly beans.
  • Here's a meta example: Sanzaru keep special fan mail and pictures sent in on their fridge as mental inspiration for Thieves in Time.
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