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 "I'm not your cheesy macaroni Sly Cooper! You got DIMITRIII-III!!!" *lights break*

Sly: "That is the last time that we leave Dimitri in charge of the hideout."

Bentley: "It was also the first time."

  • This exchange from the third game:

 Sly: "You got a better idea?"

Murray: "Yes, but we'd need a giant fighting robot."

  • The Mercy Lead Kiss from the first game's ending. After Sly plants a hot one on Carmelita, she just has a look of "Wow, what was THAT?" ...up until she realizes that Sly's handcuffed her to the railing.
  • Jean Bison's epilogue. He becomes a member of EPA...and gets frozen again.
  • Everything Dimitri says ever.
  • Sly's deadpan snarking about Bentley insisting the "water tower" in the Contessa's prison is a giant attack robot... which is ultimately proven right.

 Bentley: "What did I tell you? Giant. Attack. ROBOT!

  • This exchange from the second game:

 Sly: You're a good man, Bentley. Just make sure those traps don't rip you into a hundred little turtle pieces.

Bentley: Why'd you have to say that!

  • "Oh cupcakes!"
  • This exchange between Sly and Dimitri in Sly 2:

 Dimitri: Show me your bling and let me shine you!

Sly: I have no idea what you're saying...and your suit sucks.

Dimitri: AAAUUUGGGHHH! Let's dance!

  • For the previews for Sly 4, anything that Sir Galleth says. It helps that he's a Large Ham.

 Bentley: Do you see anything, Galleth?

Galleth: Aye, Bentley. I do forsee the wretched beast lay low by my blade!

  • When Bentey finds out that Neyla double-crossed Sly and the gang.

 Bentley: I can't believe it! That two-bit no-good cockney...LIAR!!!

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