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Buwaro and Kieri are going to eventually become a Battle Couple

  • Buwaro is trying to become stronger to protect Kieri, so he is probably going to start learning to fight soon. With any luck, Cliff will either keep teaching him magic or get one of the guardians to teach him magic. The end result? Back To Back Badasses

Kieri has become stronger than her brother, even though she still thinks he is the better fighter

  • Kieri's love for Buwaru has given hera reason to fight, and this has given her strength

Buwaro is going to get Iratu's pendant, and then he will give it to Kieri

Moonshade is Rhea and Ramirez' father

  • His Mismatched Eyes match their eyes and he has Rhea's long tail. The death and why got foreshadowed so early! The two are siblings, which is why they were so close. Moonshade may not be dead and Ramirez might be.
    • Yeah, sucky theory, but still.
    • Rhea and Ramirez aren't biologically related. Due to Jakkai social structure, each entire generation will grow up considering each other as siblings.

Was Rhea pregnant?

  • On page 4 of the comic, she jokes about already being late. Did she get murdered while being pregnant? Is this troper missing something?!
    • Two things. First, Jakkai lay eggs, second, "late" is an euphemism for "dead". What does it have to do with pregnancy?
      • Late as in referring to a womens menstrual cycle and how a missed period can in some cases be a sign of pregnancy...that said, the theory is still incorrect because Late in context of what she's saying means, dead.

Darius is Death

  • Darius became the next Death after he died in hell. Darius uses a scythe like Death and Death also spends a lot of time looking after Buwaro.
    • Not to mention Death and Darius appear to be missing the same eye...
      • Confirmed.

The "General" is Iratu

Rhea and the Jakkai in the egg (and possibly Mr. Moonshade) are descendants of either Moku, the snake earth guardian, or Rynn, the dragon fire guardian.

  • It has already been confirmed that the guardians can disguise themselves as medians. See this page. Toski was able to make herself look human, so it would make sense that any of the guardians could make themselves look jakkai. And then...well, you can guess what the next logical step is. If true, it would explain why Rhea was killed for being related to someone, as there would probably be something important about a guardian's descendants.
    • and here its remarked again the fact of the guardians having median forms in this page.

The archer in Hell that shot Sakido was actually an angel.

  • He was wearing the angelic sun and star pendants, and could handle the holy arrow in order to shoot it. Also, what little we see of his face looks like an angel face.
    • Not only that, but he's got the moon pendant on his wrist and you can juuuuust see some white wing action going on.

If and when Rhea dies (or, more specifically, is killed), she will open up a dark swirling portal that will suck in everyone in proximity and send them all to hell.

Buwaro's wings can be useful

  • When Buwaro got the things, rather than just coming into existence when needed like an Angel, they literally grew out of his back painfully. Perhaps, the wings can do something similar to be an appropriate size for flight. After all, Sakido's wings were repaired and functional because of that same pendant. It can be assumed the capacity is already there, if untapped. Assisting Kieri somehow would be this troper's guess as to why.
    • Buwaro is a fire demon. When he finally learns fire magic, he will learn how to channel it into his wings through his pendant, creating a magic demon jetpack. No, this probably won't happen in-story. BUT IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

The mysterious egg isn't actually a Jakkai egg, but something else entirely.

Soprano of Time Guessing!!!

  • Character Guesses:
    • Darunia: Physiologically, I would guess Iratu, but Cliff is a better personality match. It's Iratu
    • I'm willing to bet we see Duster as a Dungeon boss! Nope. So far, every boss has been Thadius, Buwaro's pet rock, or else a real Zelda boss)
    • I'm trying to think of a good Princess Ruto, but the only person I can think would fit would be Sammy. Or maybe Eve. Oh God how wrong I was. It's Jake (Rhea's penpal). Wearing a speedo.
    • Ok, at this point, we know (or can guess) who the seven sages are, except Nabooru. Best guess? Cliff, or perhaps Duster.

Cliff is a Time Lord.

And that why he has so many connections. He has been meeting them, kind of like the Doctor (I present A Good Man Goes to War as evidence), and amassing favors.

Buwaro's pendant will come off again at some point

  • Should this happen, it will inevitably happen right in front of Kieri's brother, Kazai, possibly just after she defends Buwaro's innocence to him.
  • Or worse, Kieri will be hurt by someone, and Buwaro takes it off on purpose to kill the one who did it.
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