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  The big question here is whether you believe it's theoretically possible for humans to create a robot as sophisticated as a human. If you're a person of faith, you've got the whole immaterial soul thing to throw a monkey wrench into the works, at least until we manage to replicate the human soul using a powerful lens, some magnets and the tears of an orphan.

Even if you're not religious, creating a robot that functions on the same level as a human being seems like a tall order, but think about it this way: the guy who built Deep Blue could probably shit a diamond more easily than beat it at a game of chess. And I'm guessing the guy who invented the hydraulic press couldn't crush a car, either. And just try to recreate two midgets having sex with a horse more realistically than your computer monitor.

Princess Voluptua: Well, the Empire is surely better equipped to raise an artificial consciousness than you Earth folk. No offense. You are conscious, aren't you? Not just artificially intelligent?'

Roofus the Robot: I... don't know.

Princess Voluptua: You are, then. A simple A.I. would lie about it.
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