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While having good characters doesn't make a good story, there are some characters who can make or break a series simply by walking onstage. On the one hand, you can have a minor character from an obscure and poorly liked series who nonetheless inspires thousands of fanfics. On the other hand, some characters are so hated by fans that some feel the only way the show will ever be watchable again is to write the character out of existence. If the negative audience reaction is coming from outside the target demographic it is a Periphery Hatedom.

Characters we like to watch:

Characters who impress us once:

Characters we love to see, even if just standing in the background:

Villains we sympathize with:

Characters we love to see suffer:

Characters who allow us to live vicariously:

Villains we love to hate:

Heroes we love to root for:

We love to watch them get needlessly killed:

We love to see them semi-naked

Characters we hate to watch:

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