Satellite/cable channel available legally only in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. It started as a pan-European satellite channel named Sky Channel, but in 1989 formed the cornerstone of Sky Television (a British satellite service now known as British Sky Broadcasting), and changed its name to Sky One later that year, and again to Sky1 in 2008. It belongs to Rupert Murdoch.

The channel has over the years had other sister channels, including Sky2, Pick TV (effectively an advert for a full Sky TV package), Sky Living (which airs ABC and CBS content) and Sky Atlantic (which airs HBO/Showtime/etc content).

Not to be confused with Sky One, which is the name of a submarine-launched fighter aircraft in Gerry Anderson's UFO.

In the UK, Sky1 means:

Sky1 has also become famous to fans of game shows The Price Is Right and Sale of the Century for airing low-budget versions in 1989 that, despite being short-lived, nonetheless have their fans.

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