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Characters page for Skies of Arcadia and Skies of Arcadia: Legends.

The Main Characters

File:Vyse01 9063.jpg

 "One day, I shall see what lies beyond the clouds, the so-called limits of the world."

The hero of Skies of Arcadia, Vyse is a young, idealistic air pirate who dreams of sailing beyond the sunset. He fights with a pair of cutlasses. In the epilogue, he, Aika, and Fina continue to sail the skies.

  • Accidental Pervert: If you examine the Schmuck Bait yellow hankie on Aika's wall right when you get to Pirate Isle. Ouch.
  • The Captain: Of the Delphinus, the coolest Cool Airship in the game.
  • Captain's Log: Vyse's journal, which can be accessed through the menu.
    • Actually, everyone gets to write in it, not just him. He does tend to write the most important entries, though.
  • Chick Magnet: He meets a girl not long after the game begins.
  • Detached Sleeves
  • Determinator: Holy hell is he ever.
  • Dual-Wielding: Though outside of S-Moves, he only actually uses one sword to attack. He uses the smaller, secondary one for blocking.
  • Eyepatch of Power: His goggles are actually in the form of this.
  • Expy: Of Captain Harlock.
  • Goggles Do Something Unusual: It's a zoom lens. And it detects moonfish.
    • Goggles Do Nothing: Except in battle. There is a code to remove them. Right, right, left, left, up, down, up, down, right, left.
  • Gondor Calls for Aid: Although he didn't so much call for it as everybody showed up and said "hey, we heard you were gonna take on Galcian's flagship, need help? We wanna join the fun."
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Courtesy of Piastol.
  • The Hero: Naturally.
  • Heroic BSOD: A very minor one near the end of the story. Galcian is set to take over the world, with an entire armada at his beck and call, an Atlantis-like continent as his fortress, said fortress protected by an shild (which the heroes have already tried, and failed, to breach), and an ancient superweapon that he has already used to wipe out Valua (and could easily do so to the rest of the world). While Vyse isn't keen on giving up, he's also realistic enough to know that he and his crew don't stand a chance aginst odds like that (at least without help, see Gondor Calls for Aid). It's the only time in the game that we see him at a loss for a course of action.
  • Heroes Love Dogs: If you recruit Pow, he continues to sail with Vyse long after the story's over.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: In his case, he dual wields swords.
  • Jumped At the Call
  • Just Like Robin Hood: The biggest difference between the two of them is that he actually keeps the gold he obtains from the rich. They're still heroic though and fight against the corrupt empire.
  • The Kirk
  • Lovable Rogue: He wouldn't be a hero if he wasn't one.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Subverted at the beginning where he and his father's crew attack Alfonso and steal his goods. Played straight for pretty much the rest of the game.
  • Playing with Fire: He learns red (fire) spells faster than the other 5 elements.
    • Shock and Awe: His specials are mostly electricity-based, though.
  • Red Baron: Swashbuckler ranks, culminating in Vyse the Legend.
  • Rummage Sale Reject
  • Sword Beam: When attacking from a distance.
  • What Could Have Been: He was considered for SEGA-All Stars Racing but didn't end up making the final cut.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: An NPC lampshades this if you keep picking the right Swashbuckler options.
The Delphinus

A Super Prototype of a new class of airship designed by Admiral De Loco and the Valuan Armada, equipped with the most powerful cannons, armor plating, and a Moonstone Cannon. It was created for Prince Enrique, but he gives it to Vyse once he joins the team.

File:Art-02aika 7040.jpg

 "Friends and treasures, which shall I take? Why both, of course!"

Vyse's childhood friend, who lost her parents when she was little. A tomboyish air pirate who loves treasure almost as much as she loves her friends, but she can't swim and is terrified of ghosts. She moves quickly and fights with a large boomerang. In the epilogue, she, Vyse, and Fina continue to sail the skies.

File:Fina SOA 01 7758.jpg

 "I'm sorry... But I just cannot tell that to anyone."

A mysterious girl from the Silver Civilization on a mission to recover the 6 moon crystals before the Valuan Empire does. She knows very little about the world outside her homeland. She is adept at magic and fights with her pet, Cupil. In the epilogue, she decides to stay on Arcadia and continue to sail the skies with Vyse and Aika.

File:Art-drachma 2687.jpg

 "My sole purpose is to capture Rhaknam."

An old fisherman who lost his arm, eye, and son to a giant arcwhale named Rhaknam; his life's goal is to hunt down Rhaknam to avenge his loss. He saves Vyse and Aika when they have a run-in with the arcwhale. He fights with his giant metal arm. He gives up hunting Rhaknam when the arcwhale saves his life and his ship. In the epilogue, spends his last days as a fisherman in honor of Jack and Rhaknam.

The Little Jack

Drachma's airship. A fishing boat that has been with Drachma for a very long time. It was named after Drachma's son, who died when the ship was attacked by Rhaknam. It was almost destroyed by Ramirez, but was towed away by the giant arcwhale while it was still mostly in one piece.

File:Art-gilder 8372.jpg

 "Only four of us against 100 of them, huh... Sounds fun. Count me in!"

An easygoing air pirate captain who lives in pursuit of excitement (and pretty women). He's one of the most famous Blue Rogues in the skies, and is on the run from a girl from back home who is determined to marry him. He rescues Vyse from a deserted island, and fights with a pistol. In the epilogue, he continues his search for "The Good Life."

 "Women are like sunsets. Each one is beautiful, but there'll be a new one tomorrow."

The Valuan Empire

File:Art-teodora 268.jpg
Empress Teodora

 "All the countries shall kneel before me!"

The ruler of the Valuan Empire and Enrique's mother, Teodora is a ruthless woman who will stop at nothing to unite the world under Valuan rule, as she believes is her destiny. She wants the moon crystals to aid in her goal, and to threaten anyone who would dare resist her by unleashing a Gigas. She is killed when Galcian calls down the Rains of Destruction.

File:Art-enrique 9032.jpg

 "Mother, the course of this country is wrong!"

The prince of Valua, who wants to see a peaceful world earned through diplomacy, not violence and conquest. He fights with rapiers and sabers. The Delphinus was meant to be his flagship but he gives it to Vyse when he joins him. In the epilogue, he marries Princess Moegi of Yafutoma and becomes emperor of Valua.

File:Art-galcian 4428.jpg

 "I am not tolerant enough to give you a second chance."

Grand Admiral of the Valuan Armada, Lord Galcian is loyal to one thing and one thing only: power. He wants to rule the world with an iron fist, and is pursuing the moon crystals to aid him. His flagships are the Serpent and the Hydra which, like all Valuan ships, are named for constellations. He dies when Belleza rams into his escape pod.

File:Art-ramirez 5251.jpg

 "...Slay the enemy. That is all."

Galcian's former vice captain, who was promoted to Admiral of the newly-formed sixth fleet of the Valuan Armada. He would follow Galcian to his own death. His flagship is the Monoceros, meaning "unicorn" in Greek. He is also from the Silver Civilization, and was the one originally sent to gather the Moon Crystals, but some bad experiences with the Valuan Armada turned him cold and cynical. He is killed by Vyse and his friends after fusing with Zelos. His only remnant, his Silver Moon Crystal, is given a burial at sky.

File:Art-alfonso 8234.jpg

 "Consider yourself honored to be able to meet me."

Admiral of the first fleet of the Valuan Armada, he got his position through connections and family ties. His ego is larger than his flagship, the Cygnus meaning "swan." He is killed when Galcian calls down the Rains of Destruction.

File:Art-gregorio 6050.jpg

 "I, Gregorio, shall not let you through!"

Admiral of the second fleet of the Valuan Armada, renowned for his incredible defensive tactics. He raised Prince Enrique, and has a very close bond with him. He has no interest in conquest, but is loyal to his country. His flagship, the Auriga or "charioteer," has a spiked hull used as a shield and a battering ram. He is killed in a Heroic Sacrifice battle against Galcian.

File:Art-vigoro 504.jpg

 "Should I fire my big cannon, baby?"

Admiral of the third fleet of the Valuan Armada. He's a huge flirt who believes that a powerful offense is the best defense, and has a huge cannon mounted on the bow of his flagship, the Draco which has a HUGE CANNON, BABY! He becomes an Air Pirate and is the only surviving Valuan Admiral.

File:Art-belleza 4713.jpg

 "You're already playing my game, handsome."

Admiral of the fourth fleet of the Valuan Armada, and the Armada's covert operations specialist and a master tactician. She lost her parents in the Valua-Nasr war, and wants to put an end to wars so nobody else would have to go through what her family did. Her flagship is the Lynx. She dies when she rams the Lynx into Galcian's escape pod, killing both of them.

File:Art-deloco 4169.jpg
De Loco

 "Hee hee... I'll kill you with my ship!"

Admiral of the fifth fleet of the Valuan Armada. He wears a space suit and is the Armada's head of research and development. He loves his creations more than people, and gets extremely angry at anyone who damages his precious flagship, the Chameleon. His lust for revenge gets the better of him as he ignores the damage his Chameleon took and continues to fight Vyse. Vyse kills him by destroying the Chameleon at Deep Sky. Interestingly, this makes him the only one of the five admirals to die at the hands of Vyse.

The Gigas

The Gigas are six living weapons (red, green, blue, purple, yellow, and silver) created by the Old Civilizations of Arcadia to go to war with each other. They are controlled by activating their respective Moon Crystals.


The first Gigas, made by the red civilization and residing in Nasr, is activated by Belleza. It attacks with a supercharged heat beam known as the "Red Ray" from one of its four heads. It is put to rest by Belleza to avoid it rampaging and killing her crew.


The second Gigas, made by the green civilization, is found in Ixa'taka. It is awakened by Ixa'taka's king and goes on a rampage when he is knocked unconscious. It has no real long range weapon, so it hurls boulders, and its punch can destroy small islands. Oddly, its attacks have little to do with healing or poison. It is defeated by falling into a river and being unable to pick itself up out of the ditch. It is then deactivated.


The third is Yafutoma's Gigas, made by the blue civilization. It is a phoenix or dragon-like Gigas. It is the first Gigas with the capability of flight, as well as the first to be outright destroyed in ship-to-ship combat.


The fourth Gigas, made by the purple civilization, is formally known as Plergoth, but is actually Drachma's arch-enemy, the arcwhale Rhaknam. The purple civilization decided to turn a living creature into a gigas rather than make one. He has an unnaturally low body heat and causes fog wherever he goes. He is mortally wounded by Ramirez and flees home to Glacia, but dies as a result of the encounter, leaving the Purple Moon Crystal for Vyse.


The Yellow Civilization's Gigas is sealed under the Maw of Tartas in Valua and, as such, cannot be reached until you can fly to low altitudes. It breaks its seal, is killed, and never comes up again.


The Silver Gigas, Zelos, is activated by using all six Moon Crystals. It was created to end the Old Civilization by the Silver Civilization's Elders. Once they decomissioned the other Gigas and took the other Moon Crystals, they used Zelos to kill millions with the Rains of Destruction. Unleashes the Rains of Destruction again on Valua when reawakened by Galcian, and fuses with Ramirez after Galcian's death. It's eventually destroyed by Vyse.

The Crew of the Delphinus


An energetic girl sent by Clara to get better at firing canons. She can be recruited as a Gunner. She returns to the Primrose with the knowledge that cannonballs come out of cannons really fast.


A crazy old engine expert, sent by Gilder to help Vyse out and make modifications to the Delphinus. He joins as an Engineer. He becomes the happy head of Valua's new shipbuilding facilities in the epilogue.

Domingo the Explorer

A treasure hunter who wants to find all the discoveries in the world. He can be recruited as a Lookout. He tries opening a trade business but it fails. He returns to exploring.


A hopeless drunkard from Esperanza who regains hope after Vyse returns, having made it successfully through the Dark Rift. He can be recruited as a Helmsman. In the epilogue he becomes an Admiral in the New Esparanzan Navy, charting a safe route through the Dark Rift.


An adopted son of the Gadgeteer Genius air pirate Centime who is fascinated by all things mechanical. He can be recruited as an Engineer. He works side by side with Brabham and establishes a scholarship for needy students. He also marries Urala.


A chemist studying medicine and living in self-imposed exile from Valua. He can be recruited as an Artisan. He returns to Valua and opens a pharmacy.

  • Defector From Decadence: He was a Valuan nobleman who got all the research funding he could ever want, but the government forced him to research weapons while he wanted to research medicine. So he left.
  • The Medic: Though, as a chemist, he inititally claims to be unfit for the job.
  • Megane
  • Stoic Spectacles


A crazy old builder sent by Gilder to help Vyse set up a base on Crescent Isle. He joins as a Builder. He leaves to help rebuild Valua. He insists that they couldn't do it without him.


A fortune teller from Maramba, who claims to be the most famous fortune teller in Nasr. She can be recruited as a Merchant.

  • Fortune Teller: Though the quality of the fortune depends on how much you pay. 100 gold will net you something helpful for completing the game, but only 10 will get you the weather, something incredibly obvious, or some vague mumbling that, as Vyse points out at one point, could be anybody's fortune. She gives up fortunetelling in the epilogue.
  • Levitating Lotus Position
  • Power Floats: You can tell she's the real deal because she levitates.


A man who works for the Nasrad guard and loves destroying Valuan ships. He can be recruited as a Gunner. He and his men become Air Pirates in the epilogue.


A tomboyish girl from Yafutoma who loves building and remodeling. She can be recrutied as a Builder. She remains on Crescent Isle permanently, planning to build a harbor.

Lone Wolf Lawrence

An air pirate from Sailor's Island who usually works alone, but will sell his services for the right price. He can be recruited as a Helmsman. In the epilogue, his contract expires and he leaves. He is last sighted in Valua, looking for a job.


A bratty kid living on the streets of Lower Valua City, who dreams of escaping the dump. He joins as a Sailor. He helps rebuild Valua. Later, he becomes the 1st Admiral of the New Valuan Armada.


A dancer from Horteka who takes pride in making people smile with her dancing. She can be recruited as a Jester. She becomes a world-renowned idol and travels the world.


The princess of Yafutoma, who wants to help forge good relations between her country and the west. She joins as a Delegate. She marries Enrique in the epilogue and becomes known as the caring Empress.


A financial clerk who loves money above all else, and refuses to help Vyse get a new ship when they come to her for help. In a karmic twist, she loses her money and her business when Nasrad is destroyed. She can be recruited as a Merchant. She regains her wealth by trading with Yafutoma.


A kid from Sailor's Island who wants to explore the world and have adventures. He can be recruited as a Delegate. In the epilogue, Pinta continues searching for treasure and hopes to visit the moons.

  • Fluffy Tamer: After you remodel the living quarters, he can catch an animal to keep as a pet on Crescent Isle. One of the three kinds he can catch is a crocodile.
  • Nice Hat: An odd-looking propeller cap.
  • Tagalong Kid
  • Wrench Whack


The owner of the tavern on Sailor's Island whose husband went sailing one day and never came back. She can be recruited as a Cook. She returns to Sailor's Island in the epilogue.


A huskra who plays with the kids of Pirate Isle. He can be recruited as a Jester. He stays with Vyse, Aika, and Fina.


A man who has been shipwrecked in the Dark Rift for so long, he can't remember who he is anymore. He can be recruited as a Sailor. He's Polly's long-lost husband. In the epilogue he returns to Sailor's Island and has 10 more children with Polly.


An old Yafutoman hermit blacksmith waiting for the man he's destined to forge the world's greatest sword for. He can be recruited as an Artisan. He returned to his island to forge the next ultimate sword.


A man from Horteka who prides himself on his amazing eyesight. He can be recruited as a Lookout. He gets a hero's welcome when he returns home, gets married, and lives as a hunter.

  • The Archer
  • Super Senses: He can see small and distant things very precisely. If you speak to him on Crescent Isle, he'll tell you little things that your crew has been up to (like stealing each other's lunch).


A shy chef and waitress working at a tea house in Yafutoma. She can be recruited as a Cook.

Black Pirates

The Black Pirates are the opposite of the Blue Rogues. Where Blue Rogues are Just Like Robin Hood, Black Pirates are... well... Pirates. They attack merchant vessels for their goods and it's implied that many rape women. In Legends, you can take on some of these pirates in optional Bounty Missions.


A Black Pirate feared around Mid Ocean. He attacks ships for their cargo in his ship, The Blackbeard. Vyse encounters him while escorting a Nasrian merchant home and is the game's first ship battle. He swears revenge and returns near the end only to be hopelessly outmatched by the Delphinus's power. He joins forces with Vyse to take out Soltis and, in the epilogue, goes back to chasing Vyse.


Rupee is the newest leader of the infamous Larso Clan of Nasrian Black Pirates. Though the wanted poster seems imposing, the figure on the poster is actually his bodyguard, Barta. The actual Rupee is a small boy. He doesn't want to be a pirate, preferring to make carpets like his mother. After he and Barta are defeated, Vyse encourages him to do what makes him happy.


Gordo the Round is a fat, gluttonous pirate who attacks ships for their food. After his defeat, he recognizes Drachma as the sailor hunting Rhaknam to avenge his son, this revelation of his motives enrages Drachma. Gordo later opens a restaurant in North Ocean.


A reckless, ruthless pirate who destroys towns with his Super Robot, Gunarm. He is one of the adopted sons of Centime, and learned most of his engineering skills from him. However, Lapen resents his "old fart" of a father for being what he sees as cowardly. Lapen wishes to be famous and known across the world for his brilliance unlike Centime. After his defeat, he learns that fame and infamy are not the same. He decides to become an engineer and hopes to surpass his father.

The Ixa'ness Demons

Three young triplets, Tara, Pera, and Lira whom have been abducting men from other villages for their all-female village. They enjoy flirting with Vyse both before and after the battle. They make fun of Aika and Fina for being "old hags" much to Aika's anger and Fina's confusion. After the battle we learn that the "abducted" men went of their own accord.

Vize, Anita, and Faina

A trio of actors-turned-Black Pirates that impersonate Vyse, Aika, and Fina to further their own greed. The real ones lay a smackdown on them and they decide to go legit, starting a Vyse look-alike show about the heroes' exploits.


An elderly Yafutoman Black Pirate who sails in a needlessly extravagent ship over Glacia. He challenges Vyse to battle hoping to show him that money can buy power and hoping he'll be able to woo Vyse with the promise of money. After his defeat he decides to continue traveling the world. He asks Vyse if they can "warm each other up." Vyse takes evasive action.

Lord Zivilyn Bane

The leader of the Zivilyn Bane Clan of thieves that Vyse has fought in every dungeon. He is found in Soltis and escapes after his defeat.

Other Characters


Vyse's father, and captain of the Albatross. He's one of the most famous air pirates in the sky.


A Legends-exclusive Bounty Hunter known as the "Angel of Death" who kills wanted air pirates (and is wanted by the Armada herself, ironically) and has a vendetta against Vyse and Aika.


An air pirate who saves Aika and Fina when they get separated from Vyse. She's determined to marry Gilder, whether he wants it or not (he doesn't).

 Aika: That was the nicest stalker I've ever met. But at least it explains why her entire ship looks like a honeymoon suite.


A Blue Rogue well known for his engineering feats. He spends most of the game working on his downed ship, the Ironclad, in Horteka.

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