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  • Hime's last name is Onizuka, another show about a former delinquent.
  • Then there are several to Gintama.
    • Kondo and the Student Council President look alike.
    • Bossun and Tsubaki have a rivalry similar to Gintoki and Hijitaka.
  • In episode 3 Bossun asks Himeko if she can master Bankai.
  • Switch apparently introduces himself and states his favorite Espada (Aaroniero Arruruerie) and Vizard (Kensei Muguruma)
  • In episode 5 the way Yuki enters the SKET Dan club room is an obvious reference to Ring (especially as the eyecatch is the same but with a the background changed to TV static.
  • The picture shown straight after the commercial break in episode 6 has Momoka in a tiger print bikini and Bossun getting electrocuted.
  • In episode 8 the anime that Momoka is trying to get a part on is called Futari wa Nervous, one of the guys watching the audition looks very like Nabeshin
  • Also Bossun excepted the Magical Girl's Catch Phrase while they were helping Momoka to be In the Name of the Moon and he did the pose too.
  • In episode 9 when Himeko sees the shrunk down Bossun she tries to take him home with her.
  • Episode 10 starts off as a largely Bowdlerised parody of Ringu.
    • With a hilariously accurate parody of Kimi ni Todoke at the beginning.
  • Episode 15 has a teacher who looks like Jason with J-son as his nickname. Later Date writes a spiral Switch refers it to Uzumaki but Date mentions Naruto. Switch can also be seen playing a game based on Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
  • Episode 16 has Bossun watching Transforminators 5
  • Reading Hyperion game piece name Dodon-don-dodon out loud sounds suspiciously like the opening to a certain movie franchise. Also a somewhat Punny Name.
  • Episode 19 has Bossun getting his hair cut like Goku from Dragonball Z and Switch channels Cell and he rolls his Rs like his seiyuu.
    • A later episode has Shinzou trying to pick out casual clothes with Switch making him dress up like Vegeta, hair and all.
  • Episode 20 has Himeko briefly turn into Eiji (complete with weird hair and pencil) from Bakuman。
  • Episode 23 has a Show Within a Show that is very similar to Madoka Magica, right down to the DVD cover.
  • Episode 24 has a man in the background that will look awfully familiar to Tiger and Bunny fans.
  • Chapter 129 has one to Harry Potter, with the group getting an owl.
  • Chapter 140 has one also, with Bossun playing with a Shian of the Counterattack figure, and telling Himeko to not insult Code A.
  • Episode 29 has one with Switch saying something has disappeared, like Haruhi.
  • Episode 30 has a shout out to, of all things, Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman. One of the members of the Slender Sentai team is "sepia," one of the same colors of the Shinesman. Himeko calls sepia a lame color, referencing a Running Gag in Shinesman of people making fun of their colors.
  • Episode 38 has Bossun picking up a toy sword and proclaiming This is the Key to Victory!
  • The game system in episode 39 resembles the Famicom. The video game the characters play is a bizarre cross between Super Mario Bros. and Dragon Quest. Additionally, the dialogue over the first eyecatch was one of the slogans from the advertisements for the game MOTHER.
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