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Basic Trope: A male villain with feminine traits

  • Straight: Matt, in addition to being evil, is flamboyant and prissy, wears makeup, and sometimes refers to himself as a woman.
  • Exaggerated: Matt is a Complete Monster, and is so feminine he decides to get a sex change.
  • Downplayed: Matt has a few interests in feminine things, but is otherwise not overly feminine
  • Justified: Matt comes from a culture where it's desirable for men to act feminine.
  • Inverted: Emma, The Baroness, is very much The Ladette.
    • Matt, a flamboyant man, is a hero.
    • Brick is the manliest sociopath you'll ever meet.
  • Subverted: Matt is effeminate and characters assume he's going to be a villain, but he turns out to be the hero, and saves the day.
  • Double Subverted: Matt is effeminate and seems to be a hero at first, before making a Face Heel Turn
  • Parodied: Matt's an effeminate villain who wants to take over the world so he can make everyone fashionable.
  • Deconstructed: The reason Matt turned evil is because he was bullied for being feminine.
  • Reconstructed:Matt goes into therapy to deal with the fact that he was bullied, and realizes that "No, I'm just evil"
  • Zig Zagged: Matt's chaotic neutral and so while he's constantly feminine, his level of villainy varies throughout the series,
    • or at first Matt appears to be one of these, but it turns out the actions that appear harmful are actually helping humanity in the bigger picture, however it later turns out that Matt was unaware he was doing good, and acting solely out of self interest
    • or Matt has multiple personalities, some good and effeminante, some good and not effeminante, some evil and effeminante, some evil and not effeminante
  • Averted: Matt displays no overly feminine traits.
  • Enforced: "Carol, all of our male characters are very masculine. We need to demonstrate that this guy's different. Give one some feminine traits to make him stand out."
  • Lampshaded: "We're looking for a criminal, he was wearing a feather boa and eyeshadow..."
  • Invoked: Matt decides to freak people out by acting like a woman
  • Exploited: The hero meets a drag queen, being Genre Savvy he realizes that the drag queen will be the villain.
  • Defied: Matt does not want to look like a wimp, so he goes as far in the other direction as possible.
  • Discussed: "Matt's such a girly villain, the only reason he's trying to take over the world is because they discontinued his favorite shade of lipstick"
  • Conversed: "It's pretty offensive that all the villains on this show are so effeminante, it'd be nice to see a heroic effeminate character with an overly macho villain for once."

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