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"Every video is the same, but once you watch one you cannot STOP. His videos are made of Pringles!"


Hello, this is SIR RON LIONHEART, and WELCOME TO Let's Play the Sir Ron Lionheart TV Tropes page!! Fantastic!

Sir Ron Lionheart is a FANTASTIC Let's Player who started out sounding normal, but then got a MANLY VOICE! YEAH! IN YOUR FACES!

He also likes to cast himself as some sort of traveler who goes to a video game world, quickly befriends the protagonist there, helps them win the game, then moves on, think abridged series + let's play, BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER!

Sir Ron has done FANTASTIC Let's Plays of the following games:

There is also a SUPER ULTRA OMEGA Web Comic about him: Sir Ron Lionheart's FANTASTIC Adventures - Doing it perfectly!!

Sir Ron, his Let's Plays, and Special Guests provide PERFECT examples of the following Trrropes:

 Ganondorf: Curse you, Zelda. Curse you, Sages. You mother-{jumpcut}, Link!

  • Rrreset Button: The power of "Save State!", "Load State!", and "RRREWIND!" Restricted to his adventures with Super Mario 16-bit.
  • Rrrunning Gag: Almost every LP has some sort of mildly amusing quirk that somehow gets funnier with repetition.
    • Super Metroid: Sir Ron visits every save station, and never saves.
    • Final Fantasy IV: He talks to every Namingway, but never changes names.
    • Super Mario World The Cookie Crisis: He savestates in slot #50.
    • Super Mario 64: He keeps entering the Tick Tock Clock intending to complete the Get A Hand star, but instead completes all the ones that are supposed to come after that.
  • Samus Is a Girl: Until the very last part of Super Metroid, Ron firmly believes that Samus isn't a girl, but a robot. He is thoroughly surprised when he learns the truth. But it is a FANTASTIC truth!
  • Schedule Slip: Sir Ron dissapeared for several months a hundred billion years. Whenever something takes a long time or this occurrs between uploads, he will joke that that the protagonist has has been "standing there for seven-and-a-half hours now".
  • Series Hiatus : Sir Ron is busy studying, his last video is about 5 months ago as of this edit.
  • Shout-Out: Once in a while, Sir Ron, whilst conversing with Gilbert, will drop the title of What's Eating Gilbert Grape. And then say he found a grape.
  • Trapped in TV Land : Not exactly trapped, he imagines himself inside the game he's L Ping (and travelling between them). So it's more like Adventures In TV Land.
  • Snow Means Death: While in the snowed-up mountains of Majora's Mask, Sir Ron is significantly less hotblooded, and is actively worried about the cold.
  • Sorry I Left the BGM On: A lot of the in-game music is supposedly FANTASTIC Rrrringtones on different characters' sail-u-lar phones.
  • Spoof Aesop: He practically has one for every game.
  • Talking to Himself: He frequently pretends to converse with the protagonists. By Final Fantasy IV, he's even adding roars and death cries of major enemies. Then comes Final Fantasy VIII, where almost every onscreen character gets their own line or vocalization, meaning he's not only Talking to Himself, but talking OVER himself!
    • Recently lampshaded...
Ron: Haha, Link is here too!
Natalie: That's... just you!

 Sir Ron: "YOU SUCK!"

Mega Man X: "NO YOU SUCK!"

Sir Ron: "NO YOU SUCK!"

Mega Man X: "NO YOU SUCK!"

  • Vocal Evolution : It took him about 15 episodes for him to develop the now famous manly voice.
  • Welcome to Corneria : Averted in FF 8 LP, Sir Ron dubs most of the NPCs' dialogue, so each NPC will only say something once and after that it'll be 'I'm not going to repeat myself'.
  • You Fail Geology Forever: As we all know, titanium is the strongest wood of all!
    • Recent episodes reveal that the second strongest wood of all is Uranium.
  • You All Look Familiar: Lampshaded in one episode of Final Fantasy IV. "Haha! Quadruplets!"
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