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 "Beware -- I live!"

Sinistar is an arcade game released by Williams in 1982, belonging to a genre of the day known as "twitch games" (along with Tempest, Defender and Robotron: 2084). The game was developed by RJ Mical, Sam Dicker, Jack Haeger and Noah Falstein, and the title character's voice was supplied by John Doremus.

The player pilots a lone fighter ship through a quadrant of the galaxy, attempting to mine crystals called Sinisite from nearby planetoids by shooting them. Enemy ships are also attempting to mine crystals (worker ships) or shoot the player (warrior ships). The enemy ships use the crystals to create the skull-like boss Sinistar, while the player uses them to create Sinibombs, the only weapon they can use to damage and eventually destroy the Sinistar.

Destroying the Sinistar is necessary to advance to the next level, but is by no means easy: The Sinistar is surrounded by twelve segments of armor, and the player must destroy all of them before delivering the final blow. At the same time, enemy ships are still mining and collecting crystals in order to repair damage to the Sinistar, while the Sinistar itself is hunting down the player's ship, taunting the player with such one-liners as "Run, coward!" (which, due to the crude sound chip, sometimes sounded like "Ron Howard!", earning the game a Fan Nickname of Opiestar).

Sinistar has a reputation of being really difficult in the later levels, partly due to its development being rushed at the cost of gameplay adjustments that would have made the difficulty curve a bit easier.

In 1999, a PC remake would be released called Sinistar Unleashed, which retained the difficulty of the original game, but since it was in full 3D, the player's range of vision was limited, making the game even harder.

Sinistar is referenced heavily (to the point of the Sinistar voice being used as the voice of a main character) in the 2007 animated (and surprisingly non-drug-influenced) film We Are the Strange.

Sinistar has examples of:

"Run, coward!"

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