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The strip will have a Bittersweet Ending, if not a downright downer.

  • No ending in sight now.

The strip will set up additional character development for Slick.

  • Remember the one story that made Fuschia feel pity for the damned? Then broken hearted man who winds up in Hell after flipping off God? Does that sound familiar at all? And then was redeemed and found love? It might not just be applied to her, it could be foreshadowing for Slick, too.

The Fuchsia/Criminy love story will be resolved in a way that is simultaneously a Crowning Moment of Awesome, Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, and a Tear Jerker

  • Well, so much for resolution. Criminee is obviously more determined and Fyoosh loves him as much as ever, but the focus has shifted from them.

Lil' Evil is not a real devil

  • Lil' E not only has the same fanboy characteristics as Seymour (who sports a fake halo), but he can easily survive in the Reality Zone.
    • Seymour's halo doesn't seem to be fake, though. It's biologically a part of him. Which brings me to...
  • He has real horns.
  • Officially jossed.

Seymour is an alien.

Consider it for a moment. He might not actually be aware of the fact that he's an alien, depending on how he was raised or whether or not he was raised at all. One thing is for certain, he's definitely not human. Not only is his halo a biological part of him that can actually put him through pain, but he remains exactly the same in the reality zone as he is usually. In comparison to other characters who've entered the reality zone, he stays completely unrealistic while the others are drawn more realistically. Three fingers instead of four, cueball head with no nose or ears... The only logical explanation is that he's an alien. As for how he came to Earth, believes in an Earth religion and generally doesn't look at the others who are 100% human as different or alien, perhaps he got sent to Earth by whomever his parents might have been or equivalent of as an infant... alien... thing, and was raised by someone who just happened to be an incredibly religious Christian.

Alternatively; Seymour is a living puppet similar to that of Pinocchio.

For those who believe that this strip was the exact moment Seymour came into existence. After all, he still doesn't appear to be completely human and there are vast similarities between him and God's hand puppets. Specifically, this one.

Whoever Li'l Evil's parents may be, they are rich.

And they would have spoiled him silly and dote on him, regardless of what he chose to believe in. They would probably have been Christian or Catholic and refused to buy any Devil merchandise he wanted, thus why he needed to get a job to afford them.

Li'l Evil is the result of a devil girl getting knocked up.

He's had the urge to be pimped by D-man buried deep inside himself the moment he was conceived.

  • Plus The Bouncer in this strip referred to him as a "halfling" - which could either mean a short person, a child, or a half-demon. Considering they had let Slick in previously, and they're both the same height and close in age I think that half-demon seems more likely.
    • Inversely confimred.

The Fuchsia/Criminy love story, as well as the strip's overall slide toward the idealistic side of the scale is inspired by Tatsuya's own love life

Early on the strip was cynical and more focused on crude humor and sex with the basic message of "life sucks, have a nice day!" This is because Tat himself was single and lonely with the odd one-night stand. Sometime before the Fuchsia/Criminy arc started he met someone and actually fell in love and he started to feel a little better about things, "Life sucks, but it'll be okay." Of all the characters in the comic (who all seem to be based on himself or aspects of his own personality in some small way at least) Criminy seems to resemble Tatsuya the most (excluding his actual Author Avatar of course).

  • If thats is really what is going on, I hope the relationship stays sweet, or he takes a breakup with grace, because I have a little bit of doubt over how well some of the fanbase would take a return to the cynical roots of the strip, or a bad end to the little romance.

The Fuchsia/Criminy love story will inspire Slick and Monique to get together.

We've seen the two do care about each other, with 'Nique helping get Slick his will to live back. Plus, it's Word of God they're destined to be together. And Monique even agreed to a date until Squig fucked up everything. Maybe when Fuchsia and Crim are done, we'll get back to the main characters and see a happy ending for them.

Happyface is Seymour's dad.

Well. Why the hell not? If you've ever read Happyface, you cannot tell me that the main character's Happyface persona doesn't look related to Seymour. See obviously what happened was, since the book itself was meant to represent reality, and the main character was an artist who did comics and stuff - and Happyface was just a persona, for all we know, the main character could have paired Happyface off with some super religious chick, and viola Seymour would have been born. Hell, for all we know the main character might be Tatsuya himself, considering the main character never really said his actual name at any point in the book. Although this seems REALLY unlikely considering everyone in the main character's family has regular American names in comparison to a rather foreign-sounding name like Tatsuya. Oh, whatever, this is WMG. It doesn't need to make sense.

Seymour is bipolar.

... Seriously, is there any reason why he CAN'T be bipolar?

  • I think these two strips support this theory nicely.

Fuchsia and Crim will live in the reality zone

In this strip we see the devil unable to grant their wishes in the reality zone, and he doesn't even enter. Plus, in this strip, forky becomes lifeless there. They might try it and discover Fuchsia can't exist there, but maybe she'll turn into a regular person while in the zone and they can live happily ever after.

  • "You weren't always a Devil girl" so said Crim what Fucsh began her change.
    • Officially Jossed in Hero Time 13 as Reality Zone is actually lethal to demons (Tangerine was being immolated like a vampire exposed to sunlight, which leads me to my WMG.
      • Keep in mind that Forky didn't catch on fire, plus Tangerine was wearing a cap with a cross on it, which in 'realistic' movies burns demons and devils.

The Reality Zone is going to be what kills the devil

In this strip we kind out that the Reality Zone is every bit as lethal to demons as sunlight is to vampires. Being the clever guy he is, Criminy will free Fuschia from the devil's grip via a trap involving the place (via removal of the sign). Once inside, Crim will pin him down, resulting in a disintegrated Big Bad and the prime threat to his bond with Fuschia removed. They live happily ever after.

  • See previous WMG for refutal

Satan can't enter the Reality Zone because he doesn't have physical power there

The reason why Satan doesn't enter the Reality Zone is because he'd just be a spirit there. In the world of the comic, Satan has a physical body and has demonstratable power and control over the world. If he were to enter the Reality Zone, his physical power would be taken away, and he'd be reduced to what he actually is: A spirit who can tempt mortals, but doesn't actually have any physical power or control over them. And any power over the physical world that he would have could only be given to him by God, just as it happened in the Book of Job.

Seymour will eventually apologize to Fuchsia.

Oh, yeah. As of the recent sunday strip Seymour's a demon now, is he not? As we've seen in previous strips thanks to Fuchsia, demons who want to live normal lives don't really get the best treatment. As such, Seymour would be literally forced to learn a lesson or two about treating demons, ergo treating them nicer. Most likely just my wishful thinking. Or, alternatively;

Seymour will go batshit insane.

As soon as he gets over the fact he is now a demon, he will eventually realize that oh hey look he's most likely got fire powers now. And then he'll burn them all, just like he wanted to.

  • Potentially jossed. Or at least the details are.
    • Seymour is ALREADY batshit insane.

Seymour will trade his soul to Satan... for his old title of Archangel Lucifer.

It will be either a clever stealth joke or the pinnacle of his fanaticism on Seymour's part, while the Devil will be have a minor meltdown over that reminder off his time with God or simply be confounded by the paradox presented to him.

Before being bomfed and becoming a devil girl, Fuchsia was an artist.

Just a tiny, irrelevant theory I've had for a while that I might as well throw up here. She seems to be pretty good at painting, and it would be interesting to find out more about Fuchsia that just doesn't just directly come from her interactions with Criminy.

Baby Blue has astigmatism.

As such, she does need glasses to read despite rarely wearing them. We've only seen her wear them once, when she was opening up files for dirt on Monique - which would most likely need to be read. This theory could be supported if one assumes that the blue girl on the laptop is supposed to be Baby Blue before being bomfed. Relatively...

Pre-deviliaztion, Baby Blue was somewhat of a nerd.

Again, assuming that the blue girl on the laptop was supposed to be Baby Blue. There isn't much of anything for me to support this theory's existence.

Devil girls have no pupils until they're used to being devil girls.

Baby Blue and Fuchsia have already been shown to have pupils, and only lose them when they're pissed. However, as far as we can tell Tangerine has not developed pupils yet. It's possible that she had not completely gotten used to being a devil girl, like they have, and she won't develop any until she does - if she ever does. As she doesn't seem to be quite sane, it's always possible that she might never develop pupils.

Potentially, devil girls are infertile.

Makes sense, D-man wouldn't want his bitches getting knocked up now would he?

  • May seem unlikely given recent events.

Seymour and Tangerine will eventually develop some sort of relationship.

We've already seen that Seymour has extreme distaste for Fuchsia, and he doesn't particularly care for Baby Blue (only aggravated by her antics and won't go out of his way to show distaste for her) however he's shown Tangerine nothing but respect and even concern for her well being. When he thought that she was about to shoot herself in the face he seemed to panic and reach out to stop her, and she has listened to his preaching and advice for a while. Potentially, either they could become close friends - possibly with Seymour viewing her as his crazy "big sister devil girl" - or they might have a romantic spark between them.

  • She did seem rather happy to see him when he caught her bomfing things...

Tangerine would be a master of pulling off a Shotgun Wedding.

If she didn't lose the shotgun, anyways. Of course, she might always get another one...

Tangerine won't be very fond of Fuchsia.

For starters; She didn't seem entirely thrilled with Baby Blue, and even though it seems that Fuchsia would be able to reach out to her and communicate with her perhaps Tangerine will not be very enthusiastic with her attempts of reaching out. Especially if Tangerine and Seymour grow close and Tange is aware of Seymour's distaste for Fyoosh. (And let's all face it - if these two had a cat fight it would be the BEST thing.)

Tangerine and Seymour will have alot of Ship Teasing...

Only for Seymour to draw a paralell between him and Tangerine, and Fuchia and Criminy, then Ship Sinking himself and her over his prejudice.

  • Then again, if he progresses to the point of a relationship, I don't think want be able to back out, seeing how light the comic has gotten.

Fuchsia would make a great mother.

While chances of Fuchsia ever having children - for several reasons - are extremely low, we all have to admit that Fuchsia would be an awesome mom. And you can bet that her kids would never be bullied. Ever.

    • Thanks to recent events, we may of seen what any potential kids between Fyoosh and Criminy would look like.
    • Also, her recent Heel Face Turn just increased her chances of motherhood drastically. She's most likely going to live with Crim now. Insert snarky comment about what happens when two love birds share a home.

Seymour has dead family members.

I was just rereading the comic the other day and I came across this strip - it took me a few moments but I realized that, especially with added context from the previous strip, he just implied he knows a few people who died and that they (most likely) care enough about him to help him get into heaven.

  • I think he's talking about God, actually.
    • Then it would not be people, which is a plural noun. It would be someone. Someone on the inside.

Slick's real name is...

Sylvester Williams. Because it would amuse me.

Criminy will have a showdown with the Devil

It sort of seems to be building up to it. Perhaps the devil keeps Fuchsia from seeing him, so Criminy calls him out. He could potentially beat the devil by luring him into the Reality Zone, but the odds are, any victory will be ultimately temporary.

Seymour will become a decent person... only to relapse into a Knight Templar even worse than before

His relationship with Tangerine, or from simply being "corrected" by others enough times, will cause him to see the error of his ways, and he will come to embody true Christian ideals better. All will be well for some minor plot arcs, but, from either everyone else not buying his turnaround and throwing his previous intolerant behaviour back in his face, or getting close enough to the others to really see their inner pettiness, including God and his childish douchebag antics, he will regress into "Holy Wars" mode and decide he can and WILL be a better steward of the world than God is willing to be, and everyone else can ever hope to be. Depending on their relationship, Tangerine might ally with him, probably on promise he deliver Santa to her. Satan most likely will throw in whatever support Seymour will accept, thinking a true zealot like him is the best bet for an overthrow of heaven from the inside.

  • Great, now I have this image of Tangerine cheerfully torching, Bomfing, and Bkowing people while Seymour watches and says "Suffer not the unclean to live."
  • Sorry, but the comic has really lightened too much for Seymour to Take A Level In Kindness and then lose it like that, though maybe just skipping to the Crusader part would work better.

Lil'Evil is son of Satan.

What else can we assume from this? Maybe Satan doesn't want his son to follow his footsteps and that's why he is so cold to him.

The Lil'E's past story line will have a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night style twist.

There are certainly commonalities shared with Drac and Lisa. There may have been a time in which Big D went soft due to a human woman. Something must of happened to her sometime before Lil E turned preschool age that may have snapped him back (just like Dracula). Perhaps this may partially explain why Big D's so vicious towards Criminy's involvement with Fuschia.

Tangerine will replace Fuchsia.

Tangerine was added to the strip to keep up the "pair of Devil Girls" dynamic once Fuchsia is able to permanently renounce her Devil Girldom, get to together with Criminy and Earn Her Happy Ending.

The Devil is afraid of Lil'E

Somehow, The Antichrist never seems to pan out for The Devil. They either become eviler than their father or nicer and thus ultimately against their father. Perhaps the Devil is Genre Savvy enough to know this but not happy about it since either way it means he has to stay away from his son.

The Devil stays away from Lil'E because it hurts too much.

In the picture of Baby!Lil'Evil and his mother, it is almost certain that the mother was human. It also seems clear from the Devil's gesture that he loved her. She is only in one picture, however, and MIA in the comic. Either something happened to her or she left.

  • There seems to be a kernel of truth to this.
  • Turns out it's disappointment

Lil' E is the Result of the Devil's Disappearance & "Missing Mom" is the reason he came back

Way back there was a sequence where the Devil was sick and tired of being God's buttmonkey and he just flat-out left. Wasn't seen for ages. Then he suddenly returned and was meaner than ever with a touch o' angst. Perhaps he tried to live a normal life, found a girl, fell in love, and then he lost her somehow which lead to a renewed hatred of humanity. Lil' E was then either mindwiped or too young to remember his father.

  • Considering the relationship this strip has with time, that's not impossible.

An upcoming story-line will have all the various characters weighing-in on the Fuchsia/Criminy pairing.

Now that Fuchsia has quit Hell, (At least, that's what the "Fuchsia" Sunday strip looked like) she has all the time in the world to spend with Criminy. The other characters will notice. Some will approve, some will not. Monique and Feminist Morpheus(the new character riding on the big wheel) will hate it, because they will see the pairing as a sign of dependence for men. The devil will make avid steps to try to stop it, becausehe doesn't want Fuchsia's heart broken like his was. Mind Wiped!Lil'E and Seymour will be wary of the pairing, but they will eventually accept the pairing. After first-hand experiences with Tangerine, they will figure out that not all demons are totally evil. Eventually, the swing-vote will be Slick(and maybe Squigley), since he is Criminy's best friend. Expect Monique and the Devil to try to talk Slick into breaking up the pairing.

    • I agree with the WMG, but not with the analysis. Monique would probably support the pairing because she as a result of being a big sis figure to Criminy knows the type of person he really is. Seymour will treat the couple with total vitriol because he's a hateful Holier Than Thou Knight Templar Jerkass fundie. Baby Blue will oppose in a Depraved Bisexual Yandere fashion (she did try to Murder the Hypotenuse earlier). Big D will oppose but it will NOT be for sympathetic reasons (he is Satan afterall). Glossy (fan nick name for the big wheel riding feminazi) will oppose. Lil'E and Tangerine will support.
    • The Devil will continue to be against it because he sees Crimney as corrupting Fuschia, Crimney is the only non diety he seems to take seriously as an enemy. Baby Blue will be against it both because it puts Fuschia at risk, and because she's losing her best friend with benefits, but she might decide she wants Fuschia to be happy. Monique might think Fuschia will corrupt Crimney, but Monique didn't seem to think Fuschia was a great threat to Crimney after she found out about Fuschia's crush. Finding out about it will likely have Monique see every gender related unfortunate implication you can think of but she might realize Fuschia is telling this guy that she is not his. Seymore will be against it until he changes because he doesn't see her as human. Slick will be jealous. The Angels will be happy she took the step of rejecting Satan but want her to accept Jesus as her savior as well. I assume they speak for God and Jesus as well. I see Dragon and Budda being for it. Hyper feminist will see every gender related unfortunate implication and be against it. I'm not sure on Squigly, Little D and caveman Devil girl.
    • Based on her one comment to her, Glossy will claim full credit for Fuschia leaving Satan, but Fuschia won't remember her, even when prompted.

Fuschia used to be an angel of God, and will become one again.

Criminy will be bomfed and become a devil person.

  • And it will all be femnazi's fault for trying to push her extremist views on him with that book.

The kindly old woman Fyoosh just met is part of The Sisterhood.

  • Check her design -- very similar to trike girl. Glasses, hair in a bun, and on Fyoosha's side (let's keep in mind that the little femnazi is the one who inspired Fyoosh to quit the Devil in the first place!)
  • Considering how many characters either have or are role models, the old lady is likely one to the trike girl.

Blue will have a Heel Face Turn.

Because her loyalties are to Fuchsia, not the Devil.

Blue will attempt to kill Criminy in a Murder the Hypotenuse moment.

She only told Big D one possibility as to why Fyoosh left, covering up her real objective. Given the look of murderous intent the last time they met and how Blue is armed now, this seems to be possible.

Monique will become a surrogate big sister mentor to Lil'Nique

And Lil'Nique will become the love interest for the newly amnesia'd Lil'Evil

Li'l E's mother is named Lily.

Ishida has a fondness for color themed names with several of his female characters. And while Li'l E's mother didn't have the horns of a Devil Girl/Succubus, she also did not have the wings of an Angel. However, she was clearly depicted in all white clothes with white hair. Plus, I believe that being repeated called "Lily" by Tangerine may jog Li'l E's memories of his mother.

Fuschia and Blue will have a confrontation over Criminy.

Recent developments had Fuschia discover the Zombie's depiction of the events of comic 4191, describing the scene as an attempted Murder the Hypotenuse moment instead of what really happened. She will probably ask Criminy about any other encounters he had with Blue. Considering that Fuschia has already seen Blue try to kill Criminy once before, she may decide to take matters into her hands.

The Teacher in Divinity School

That's what God looks like in Sinfest.

Criminy is the Heir of Space.

Because why not.

"God" is actually a Time Lord.

And while we're at it, let's just say that the Devil is The Master.

The Devil will at some point tempt Slick with everything he asked for in his soul application in return for backstabbing Criminy in some way.

And Slick will refuse.

Squigley just has unrealized natural telekinetic powers.

When he gets high, it somehow manages to subconsciously access his untapped powers, making whatever he's siting on fly.

Theories about the Trike Girl.

Trike girl was once close friends with, or related to, a devil girl.

  • Based on how young she seems to be represented as, despite her apparent maturity and understanding of the patriarchy, it's likely that *something* had to have happened to her to wake her up and see the patriarchy. Based on the fact that she not only cares enough to try stopping D-man from bomfing women randomly on the street as well as how she seems to casually ride around the devil club, perhaps she once had a friend or a family member she was close to whom was then bomfed by D-man to become a devil girl. And some of the events that followed eventually resulted in her awakening, and acknowledging the presence of the patriarchy.

Trike Girl is Lil'E's mom.

  • Her break-up with Big D kicked off her hatred of men.

Trike Girl came from another author avatar, trying to change the comic strip.

  • She dedicates a disproportionate amount of time and resources exclusively to the characters we know about.

"The Devil Went Down To Georgia" happened in the Sinfest universe.

Admittedly, I only say this one because I think it would be funny to see someone bringing it up to the Devil's chagrin.

Lil'E's mom is the "mother goddess".

She wears all white, is not an angel, and was able to be loved by and fall in love with the Devil. What if their connection came from them both being marginalized and ultimately vilified by God? The break-up may have resulted from their differing ideas on how to live in God's world- she accepted it and was content to act like a mortal while the Devil became bitter and angry. The "angel hunting" incident here was where both of them really saw how different they were.

  • Going off that, the Patriarchy and Sisterhood might be what came out of the breakup– The Devil moved from "tempting mortals to lust" to full-on oppression of women because he fears (or knows) that if women get to be equal members of society she'll be able to come back, and maybe even force God to restore her to her rightful place. Meanwhile, after retreating from the world (and leaving her son, who was too male and/or demonic to go where she is now) she began to see merit in a resistance. At first the Sisterhood just harassed bigots like when they played dress-up with Seymour, but recently either the Devil stepped up his game or they decided they were strong enough to actively fight him, leading to the deployment of Trike Girl and the others. The end of the Sisterhood storyline will involve the Goddess, and will be either a reconciliation between her and Satan which moderates both of their actions (but leaves them opposed to God, allowing the strip to continue using them), the end of Satan's reign (either due to defeat or a reconciliation with both her and God, but either way allowing Sinfest to have a happy ending shortly after), or an epic Hannibal Lecture which forces the Sisterhood to admit that they're Not So Different from either him or God, causing them to either leave in shame or start only going after him, God, devils, angels, and/or the most extreme mortal supporters of either side.
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