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Despite the fact that the series is blacker than black sometimes, there are quite a few of these in Sin City:

  • The one-shot "Silent Night", which is almost completely devoid of dialog. It features Marv intimidating his way into a building on a snowy night, heading down a flight of stairs and giving some sleazy worms some cash, and they direct his attention to a metal door with a viewing slit. He looks inside and sees a terrified little girl. He kills the three scumbags, who are now obviously selling this girl for sex, opens the door and says the only line "Your momma's been asking after you, Kimberly. Let's get you home," following by a shot of Marv holding the tiny child to his chest before setting out back into the snow storm. Dirty subject matter, but definitely a CMOH for Marv.
  • Marv's scene with his mother in the first Sin City story is a bit of a Tear Jerker the whole way through. Especially when he tells her he "met a girl." It's pretty creepy and insane that Marv talks about a dead one night stand as if she were his current, living girlfriend but it still manages to be very moving.
  • Wendy being the only visitor Marv receives in prison.
  • Miho curling up on Dwight's lap and falling asleep during the car ride in Family Values.
  • Every conversation John Hartigan has with Nancy fits this trope to a T.
  • Wallace and Esther leaving Sin City behind at the end of Hell and Back is the only 100% happy ending in any of the major stories. It's definetely up there.
  • Also in Hell and Back we see that Leboweitz, an evil Corrupt Cop, cares very much for his family and is horrified when his son is beaten up.
  • Katie giving Marv a free bottle of whiskey when he gets a broken heart in Just Another Saturday Night.
  • In the short story And Behind Door Number Three we see Wendy wearing Marv's cross necklace.
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