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Fridge Horror

  • You find the sub-machine gun, strongest gun in the game. Sweet! Time to mow down some enemies! But then you think about where you found it: at the end of a bloody hallway in the hospital basement. It's pointed at the elevator, now broken open and drenched in blood. What was the SMG's previous owner shooting at?
    • And, furthermore, why did he or she leave it behind?
    • Notice how there's a wheelchair in that hallway. Some handicapped person probably had the gun and was carrying it around in the hospital when a monster attacked and overpowered them, dragging them out of the chair and making them drop the gun. ...actually, wait, that makes it worse--why would a handicapped person carry a submachine gun in the middle of a hospital, and what kind of monster would be powerful enough to resist the damage the gun inflicted?
    • Also, clearly the SMG didn't work out too well for its previous owner. Not a good track record for the most powerful weapon in the game.

Fridge Logic

  • You Fail Biology Forever: In theory, Heather's aglaophotis wouldn't have worked. Fetuses aren't in a girl's stomach, so making yourself vomit wouldn't bring a baby out.
    • Well, considering what happens to Claudia's body after she ingests the god, and what the god was doing to Heather's body while it was inside her, it's probably more logical to conclude that this god grows not within the womb, but the vessel's entire body. Think of it like a parasite that can literally grow out of its host once it's, well, "mature." See also how the god was forced out of Alessa in the first game.
      • If one notices how the camera rises in the fake ending if you take too long or try to attack Claudia, it's implied the gods has torn its way out of Heather's body.
    • Aglaophotis isn't an emetic, it's a general-purpose exorcism medicine. So taking it makes you expel whatever "gods" or "demons" are inside you, whichever part of the body they're in.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The Mirror room. Many people think it's a meaningless jump scare, inteded to make the game more frightening. I thought so too at first--it's head-tiltingly bizzarre. But it fits with the overall theme of identity. Heather is a teenager, and moreover, She's the product of three identities: Cheryl, Alessa, and Heather herself. At that age, most teens are trying to figure out who their identities are. Heather spends part of the game trying to figure out her true 'identity', and in the end, it's something she hates. Early on, in the bathroom scene after meeting Douglass, Heather says she hates mirrors. Later on she finds the Mirror room, that kills her if she doesn't escape soon enough. And later, a mirror image of herself— of Alessa,—shows up to kill her. Meaningless? I think not. Mirrors, for Heather, seem to represent inner confusion and self hatred.
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