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  • Near the cabin in the woods, you find a bloody pink jacket in the snow with a trail of blood leading into a cabin.
  • The text messages received from taking the UFO photos get increasingly more bizarre and insane, starting with the guy sending them relating how he suspects his wife is one of "them". Then he locks her in the basement, she pleads for food...and finally she's "just laying there, but she can't fool me!" Truly unnerving, and at that point (the 12th photo of 13), you become afraid to continue with it - because who knows what his next message might be? The messages are readable here.
  • The first time one of the Raw Shocks attacks from the opposite side of the door is a moment that will make most people jump in their seats and yell.
  • Once you find out that every major event is tied into Cheryl's life since Harry's death.
  • The voice mails that come with some of the pictures you take.

  Creepy Voice: That's a nice new belt, Todd...

  • The first sequence where you have to run from the Raw Shocks. They give you no direction other than to run, they don't tell you where, and it's extremely tense. Silent Hill should not use a Wiimote. That, plain and simple, is fear.
  • In the high school, you can go in either the art room or the astronomy room. In either one, finishing the puzzle gives you a phone number to call. Unlike all other phone calls you'll make, the person on the other end of the line just whispers "Door's open,", and the next thing you hear is the previously locked door unlocking itself.
  • The scene where Harry and Dahlia are in her car, arguing, when suddenly Dahlia is frozen solid as everything around Harry transitions into the Otherworld once again. This results in the bridge upon which the car is sitting to bend and twist as it is covered in ice, and the car to slip off down into the water, with Harry still trapped inside as water starts seeping in. The worst part? Once the car is in the water, you get to see everything from Harry's POV, completely helpless. As if that wasn't bad enough, Raw Shocks suddenly appear out of nowhere outside the car as the windows freeze over and the freaks start scratching messages into them, urging Harry to give up on resisting.
  • When entering the apartment above the dress shop, there's a little mystery of what happened to the occupant's cat. You see a litter box which either hasn't been changed in a while or is full of dead mice or something. Then you look up at the wall and see a picture of a cat that is crossed out in what appears to be blood.
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