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  • "The Real Silent Hill Experience", a collection of various Silent Hill trivia: [1]
    • This is actually a supplementary to a much larger project that was posted in 2010 with the intention of providing a down-to-earth, factual synopsis of the series and consequentially clearing up all speculation and inaccuracies residing within the community in regards to the overall story and themes of Silent Hill. Watch the entire three and a half hour long documentary starting with the introduction here. An eye-opening, provocative must-see for all fans of the series and an interesting, clarifying experience for newcomers alike.
  • Old Shame: On a meta level, the Silent Hill fandom has the Wiki Circumcision Incident. The short version, nearing the end of 2015, the Silent Hill Wiki saw an admin go unchecked for quite some time as he went crazy rewriting several major articles to shoehorn in his theories. One of his theories is his obsession of circumcision, treating it as a form of male genital mutilation, a part of a Satanic/Illuminati conspiracy, and "exposing" it's evils and the Powers That Be who support it. When he was finally called out for his behavior, he continued arguing against the community and other admins, until it got to the point where gaming, horror, and even mainstream media outlets started reporting on just how unhinged the wiki was becoming. This whole event lead to the admin in question to be stripped of his powers, temporarily banned from the site, and all his edits reverted... for now.
  • Referenced by: The series has an Abridged Series titled Noisy Hill.
  • Let's Play: Numerous due to the series' popularity. Some notable LPers:
    • From Earth (1-4), who uses the magic of screenshots to mock every single aspect of the series. At one point in his SH1 LP he confuses Kaufman's dialogue for Harry's, but it works due to the running gag of Harry constantly asking stupid questions.
    • L0rdVega (1-3), who did blind runs and still somehow managed to beat the games.
    • Voidburger (1 and Origins), who went above and beyond by going in-depth in various pieces of trivia and exploring the games' extras. Also, Mad Libs notes.
    • Kamoc's Silent Hill: Homecoming LP raises the bar even further, by offering treasure troves of trivia and interesting glitches, witty subtitles mocking everything that is illogical (which is a lot), cameos from Voidburger herself, and even branching paths for dialogue and actions within the videos themselves, giving viewers a level of interactivity.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?:
    • The actual location of the towns of Silent Hill, South Ashfield, and Shepherd's Glen are somewhat fuzzy, though some of the extra material makes special mention of the founding of the state of Maine.
    • In the movie, Silent Hill is very obviously modeled after Centralia, Pennsylvania where a long-burning coal fire has caused most of the residents to be relocated elsewhere.
      • The movie version places it in West Virginia.
    • Shattered Memories uses the 49504 zip code of Grand Rapids, Michigan. And yet there's a street-sign right near Harry's car at the start that says Buffalo and Rochester (both Western NY cities) are less than 70 miles East of where the town is. Then again, the sign is laying on the ground in a junkyard.
    • The receipt that kicks off the Kaufmann sidequest in the first game mentions a sales tax of either 6.25% or 6.75%. Not very helpful by itself perhaps, but in conjunction with other evidence, it might tell us something.
    • Many of the cars in Silent Hill 2 and 3 have (admittedly blurry) license plates that resemble Illinois plates.
    • It is supposed to be in New England, and many fan theories have put it in Maine.
  • Hey, It's That Guy! - Sean Bean as Rose's husband.
  • Throw It In: In the film , Colin flicking his tongue in a disturbingly sexual manner wasn't in the script. The actor playing him did it as a joke in one take, but Christoph Gans liked how it looked, so it was kept in.
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